How to Create an Altar Space for Your Chakrub How to Create an Altar Space for Your Chakrub

How to Create an Altar Space for Your Chakrub

One of the biggest questions you might have upon receiving your Chakrub is where to store it. Many of us have been taught to hide tools of pleasure, usually in a drawer that we only open or acknowledge just before using them. Chakrubs were never meant to be hidden, their purpose is to help us embrace and explore different aspects of our sexual selves. It is fine if you choose to honor your Chakrub by keeping it somewhere private, but your motivation should not be shame or embarrassment of it being found.

Creating an altar space for your Chakrub not only solves the problem of where to store your wand, it also provides a shrine for you to begin to treat your sexuality as sacred.

Your altar serves as the spiritual center of your home and is a place where you can meditate, work with magic, and focus on your highest self. It can be as small as a nightstand or encompass an entire room, the most important thing is that this space is reserved only for your altar and related activities. Over time you will learn to associate your altar with a sense of peace, calm, and gratitude.

Next, you’ll want to settle on a theme for your altar. If your plan is to create an altar around your Chakrub, your theme might be pleasure, love, or healing. It could even be based around the specific qualities of your Chakrubs crystal. For example, if you are creating an altar around the Xaga Chakrub, your goal might be to create a safe space since obsidian is a powerful protection stone.

Now comes the fun part: choosing the items to adorn your altar with. Pick items that inspire you and represent your highest self. A few suggestions would be dried flowers or petals, crystals, photographs of loved ones, books of importance to you, and precious knick-knacks. I like to represent the four elements of nature as a way of honoring balance. I keep a sage bundle or palo santo as a representation of air and to regularly cleanse my altar space, candles to symbolize fire, seashells to honor water, and coins to invite abundance and represent earth energy.

Spend some time arranging your space. If you have a lot of crystals, you might want to create a grid to help direct energy. Remember that as you evolve, so too will your altar. It’s okay to rearrange it or even move its location as a way of clearing energy. If you are using your altar regularly, it will likely require occasional maintenance. Be conscious of how your altar space mirrors your mental state. If you are feeling scattered or disconnected, your altar will likely reflect that.

Take some time to bless your altar and set an intention for the space. If you’re struggling to come up with an intention, you might say, “I recognize this as a sacred space to honor and nurture my highest self.” I sage my altar often and as I do so I will say something like, “I remove this space of any negative, stagnant energy, or any other energy that does not serve my highest good. I invite pure, loving energy to occupy this space. I infuse this space with presence, awareness, love, compassion, and calm.”

It’s important that you use your altar. Don’t let it become a decorative corner in your home. Create a ritual that will encourage you to visit your altar. Let it be a place of solace for when you are seeking peace or clarity. You might like to begin or end your day by lighting a candle and meditating at your altar. If a Chakrub is at the center of your altar, you can create a ritual prior to using it.

The creation and care of your altar space sends a clear message to the universe that you are open and ready to receive its blessings.

Feature Image by Heather Reese

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