Creating Crystal Grids with Chakrubs Creating Crystal Grids with Chakrubs

Creating Crystal Grids with Chakrubs

Creating crystal grids with Chakrubs is one of my favorite ways to direct energy and manifest intentions. In my book Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure, I share a crystal grid ritual for the solar plexus chakra that places crystals directly on and around the body as a way of reminding ourselves that we are powerful manifesters and that all power exists within us.

Beyond personal rituals, I also enjoy creating crystal grids by placing crystals in various corners of my home, connecting them through energy and intention. Crystal grids are created when crystals are placed in specific patterns or geometric shapes in order to concentrate energy for a specific purpose. The different crystals interact with one another and facilitate movement to help us achieve our intentions.

What I love about creating crystal grids is that it's also an art form – you can intuitively create patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. The act of creating a crystal grid is therapeutic in itself.

A few things are needed to create a crystal grid:

  • A flat surface
  • Preferred cleansing agent (such as sage or palo santo)
  • Intention or connection wand
  • Generator or focus stone
  • Journey stones
  • Protector stones

1. Begin by gathering the crystals and stones that speak to you. For this grid, I chose my Prism Chakrub as my intention and connection stone, the Chakrub Diletto as my generator or focus stone, pink beryl and ruby crystals as my journey stones, and black tourmaline with feldspar as my protector stone. For your intention stone, any crystal with a tapered end to direct energy with will work. Your generator or focus stone can be a tower or something with a pointed top and flat base.

2. Cleanse all of the crystals using your preferred cleansing agent. I like to burn sustainably harvested sage and hold each crystal over the smoke, allowing the smoke to encapsulate the crystal while I tune into the intention of cleansing.

3. If you are working with a specific intention or have something you want to call forward, you may charge your crystals by holding each one and focusing on instilling that desire into each of them.

4. After you have charged each of your crystals, place them in a pattern or shape of your choosing, with your generator or focus stone in the center and your intention or connection stone in a position that feels complementary to that.

5. Begin to place the smaller journey stones around your generator. I gravitated towards pink beryl, which is also called morganite, alternated with ruby. These two stones are both associated with the Heart Chakra. They vary in their meaning, but I used these stones because I intuitively felt that I wanted to include them and because it was important for me to remind myself to still remain open and keep a soft heart, especially while going through a breakup. Often when we part ways with someone, we feel like we have to close off and protect our hearts and we don’t want to be vulnerable because it’s really scary. So I used pink beryl and ruby to remind myself to stay open and let love in and to hold onto that energy.

6. Around the journey stones, create a circle of protector stones that connect to each journey stone. For this grid, I chose black tourmaline with feldspar, which acted as a circle of protection. It is important to acknowledge that when we are making grids and doing things like this that are very mystical, we are opening ourselves up to all kinds of energy. So I constructed this circle to symbolize protection for myself and to understand that these pieces of my heart, represented by pink beryl and ruby, will be protected even while I allow myself to be vulnerable.

7. After you’ve cleansed and charged your crystals and placed them in your grid, take your wand or Chakrub and point the tapered end towards the generator stone. Visualize a circle being drawn as you glide the wand over each crystal in the grid and bring it back to the generator, going in a clockwise motion. Tune into the energy that is circulating as you continue to go around faster with each round. I like to continue to build speed and feel the energy build within my body. You can also create a spiral shape as you circle the grid and imagine that energy going outwards.

8. Once I finished stirring up all of the energy of the grid, I took my Prism Chakrub that I was using as my intention stone and held it to my heart, breathing deeply and feeling all of the energy that was just created seep into and move within me as my heart rate rose. You may want to just be quiet and allow the energy of the stone to do its work. Certain thoughts may come up in that silence. Personally, I could feel my heart beating faster and I could feel the tension that this energy was trying to help me shake up and release, so I took intentional exhales to assist in that process. You can put your hands over the grid and tie an imaginary knot so that the energy keeps circulating within this little bubble that you’ve created.

After completing this ritual, observe any manifestations from your grid. Write down your initial thoughts and keep a record of any occurrences that follow.

Using a Chakrub as Your Intention Stone:

I chose my Prism Chakrub as my intention stone because it knows me intimately through my sexual practice. This crystal understands my desires and connects with my higher self. Trusting this bond, I created the grid without a specific intention, allowing the Chakrub to manifest what best serves me.

Using the Chakrub Diletto as a Generator Stone:

The Chakrub Diletto was chosen as my generator stone to help release old masculine energies and find that energy within myself. The Diletto, made from obsidian, symbolizes personal power, fertility, regeneration, and resurrection. Using it helped reshape my relationship with the divine masculine.

If you create your own crystal grid using Chakrubs, tag us @chakrubs and use the hashtag #chakrubs – we’d love to see and share your creations!

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