How to Energetically Cleanse Your Chakrub How to Energetically Cleanse Your Chakrub

How to Energetically Cleanse Your Chakrub

Energetic cleansing is an act of alchemy, a transformative process that rejuvenates the crystal's vibrational essence. Those that are drawn to a practice like Chakrubs (like you, dear reader), understand that crystals hold consciousness, and many even believe they hold memory. This is why you may find that after working with your Chakrub for some time, you feel a closer bond, and even can feel your pleasure reverberating from your chakrub, before you actually begin to use it for pleasure. Another way to put this would be; your o* energy is being programmed into the stone. 

But this is why it’s important to energetically cleanse your chakrubs, especially if you are intentionally working with them in order to help release emotional or energetic blocks. When I started my practice with Chakrubs, I found that memories I had repressed would surface, or unprocessed emotions from past relationships would come up. This was important and valuable for me, but in order to give myself a way to feel a sense of closure, cleansing my Chakrub energetically allowed me to ceremoniously let go of those things that came up as well as honor the stone by allowing it to return to its pure vibrational state. 

Think of it like aftercare. When you are intimate with a partner, performing aftercare may include cuddling, talking about the shared experience, massage, or even “soul-gazing.” This is a way to process the emotions that come up during intimacy, and to let your partner know that they are safe in this vulnerable space. It’s a way to return to a place of equilibrium, as well as deepen the connection. When you do this with your chakrub, you are not only performing aftercare for the crystal, but the act metaphorically does this for yourself as well. 

How Often to Energetically Cleanse Your Chakrub:

This is really an intuitive process. Personally, unless I have a very emotional session, I do a quick energetic cleanse while I’m hygienically cleansing my Chakrub, which is after each use. Do what you feel is right for you - some people may cleanse before, or after, some both, or only as needed. 

Hygienic vs. Energetic Cleansing:

Hygienic cleansing is also important, and can be done after use simply by washing the Chakrub with a mild soap. Learn more about how to hygienically cleanse here.

Charging Your Chakrub:

Chakrubs can also be “charged” which is different from cleansing, as this has to do with empowering the stone with a different energy, like moonlight, sunlight, or intention. 

How to Energetically Cleanse Chakrubs:

Here are a few methods of energetic cleansing, though this is not a definitive list:

  • 1. Sacred Smoke:
    • Burn herbs and allow the smoke to encompass the stone
    • Be mindful to honor the origin of these herbs, recognizing their sacred significance in various cultures.
  • 2. Sound Frequency:
    • Expose your Chakrub to healing sound frequencies through singing bowls, bells, or chimes.
    • You can do this yourself, or play some cleansing music on Youtube
  • 3. Running Water:
    • Allow a stream of cool water to flow over your Chakrub. 
    • Visualize the water carrying away any lingering energies, leaving the crystal refreshed.
  • 4. Bed of Brown Rice:
    • Place your Chakrub on a bed of uncooked brown rice overnight.
    • Rice is known for its absorbing properties, drawing out negative energies from the crystal.
  • 5. Visualization of White Light:
    • Envision a cascade of pure white light passing through your Chakrub.
    • This visualization technique can cleanse and purify the crystal on an energetic level.
  • 6. Selenite Amplification:
    • Position your Chakrub near a selenite stone.
    • Selenite not only cleanses the energy but also amplifies the energetic properties of the crystal.

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