It's Not Sexy Marketing: Embracing Humanness with Chakrubs It's Not Sexy Marketing: Embracing Humanness with Chakrubs

It's Not Sexy Marketing: Embracing Humanness with Chakrubs

It’s been 10+ years since the conception of Chakrubs. The Original Line consisted of 3 crystal types. I use the term “Original” not only to mark that Chakrubs is the original crystal [censored] toy company, but to describe the original shape - the tapered cylinder. This shape, now replicated amongst many other brands that have birthed after mine, was drawn by my friends and I, while I lived in a music commune in Santa Cruz. Me, Jen, Eileen, Laura, Zoe; we sat in a circle and talked about what stone properties we’d want in a chakrub, what kind of shapes would feel good, what it would mean for us. Eileen often had a crystal in her mouth. We all liked to keep stones in our bras. Laura was very adamant about having a luxurious pouch for it to go in. We all shared about why we wanted this to exist. What our desires were, how we wanted to commune with the earth, feel pleasure in our bodies, receive messages beyond our consciousness. After dreaming,and lots of research and development, the first three stones that made up Chakrubs were rose quartz, obsidian, and white jasper. 

Since 2011, the “original” line has grown into more stones, and it’s still how the first shape is referred to. But, the title “original” has also shifted it’s meaning to me personally, because what I feel like these Chakrubs have done for me, is get me back to who I was originally - originally before I developed energetic blocks due to sensual unwellness. See, I didn’t develop this brand as I sat by a blackboard, brainstorming what would be a good business to start. I never sought out to become a CEO. I am an artist, and had been pursuing a career in acting and music when the name “Chakrubs” popped into my head that one fateful night in California. I created Chakrubs because of an inherent need I had within myself for a tool that would align me with myself on powerful levels. I created it because the crystals wanted me to. Because if I needed it, others probably did as well. And they did. 

But now after all these years, I struggle with something because I am supposed to “market” Chakrubs - and the truth is, it’s not sexy marketing to talk about what really Chakrubs did for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to appear as this flowy-haired, flowy-dressed, glowing and liberated woman who holds all the secrets to the universe in her vagina. This, to some degree, is partly true - I am someone who is liberated, I do feel like I hold the secrets within myself. But they aren’t secrets I can really, or would want to really, market and sell. It’s an inner knowing, a relaxed sort of wisdom that there is no language to communicate. What Chakrubs has done for me is help me be at ease with what is - with what I am. Not really a goddess but…a person.

And that’s not sexy marketing. It’s not sexy marketing to say that once you do all this personal development work you simply become…a person. But that is what it’s about. It should be sexy. Humanness, with all its flaws, is what I am and it’s what I want out of this life. There is nothing I need to learn - no tips or tricks - when I know this one thing: myself. I can live life in complete awe of it. By taking intentional time to be with myself in intimate moments that Chakrubs encourages, I’ve been able to relax into who I am, I’ve learned to Surrender to life, and trust that moments of ecstasy and love will find me. I don’t need to chase it. 

Here’s how the flow works: Chakrubs primarily focus on natural and emotionally supportive pleasure. Feeling pleasure in your body allows you to be grateful for having a body. When you feel grateful for having a body, you understand that you are not your body. You comprehend that you are a soul, having existed before you were born and will exist after you die. Understanding that you get to experience yourself in a body now allows you to feel joy for experiencing that which can only be felt by having a body—your senses and your emotions. Once you learn this, the sense of dread once felt by going through life as a person dissolves, and you experience it with a different perception.

In embracing the journey with Chakrubs, it's not about becoming a mystical goddess; it's about rediscovering and embracing the essence of being human. The allure lies not in flashy marketing but in the quiet revolution of self-acceptance and connection. Chakrubs has been my guide back to the authentic core of who I am—a person, imperfect and beautifully real. As I share this journey, my hope is that others find solace in their humanness, appreciating the simple joy of experiencing life in all its sensations and emotions, one intimate moment at a time.

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  • Jo Portia Mayari

    Thank you so much for this blog post. I feel this so much with the work that I do and how the path way to reclaiming true sexual joy isn’t about becoming some goddess or being one. It’s so multi-dimensional and multi-faceted.

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