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Choosing Your First Chakrub: 101

Chakrubs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. We suggest following the basic steps below and allowing your intuition to guide you through the process. Those who follow ancient crystal healing principles believe that the crystal is yours before it even reaches you and therefore, there is no such thing as a wrong decision.

With that in mind, here are a few considerations for choosing your first Chakrub:

STEP 1: Choose a Shape and Size

To begin, choose the shape of the Chakrub based on what your preferences are on a physical level. Chakrubs from the Original Line include the original, the slim, and the curve shapes. Other more specialty shapes include the cock, the viper, the generous, and the root.

STEP 2: Choose a Material

Once you've connected with a particular shape, you can begin to explore the materials available to you. The original Chakrubs are made from crystal, but we also periodically release other lines made from materials such as wood, botanicals, and glass. The materials chosen for Chakrubs all contain metaphysical properties that emit certain frequencies of energy. The experience of climax with a rose quartz wand will feel differently than climax with a Chakrub from the Shadow Line, made from pure black obsidian crystal. 

STEP 3: Use Your Intuition

When you have settled on what shape and material you desire, look through the Chakrubs available with those specifications. Now, the journey of self-love begins. As you peruse the selection, take note of any shifts in emotion that occur while viewing a specific Chakrub. This is a sign that you're being spiritually and intuitively drawn to that piece. Read carefully through the description and see if it speaks to you.

Understanding Crystal Energy

Humans have held a natural attraction and interest in crystals since they were first discovered. Their beauty is not only intriguing, but many of us feel in tune to the consciousness of crystals - a sense that there is a living spirit interacting with us through the crystal's physicality. Another belief that makes working with a Chakrub a particularly powerful experience is that crystals hold memory. This means that interactions such as bonding, orgasm, and sensual touch you share with your Chakrub, and imbued into the crystal's molecular makeup. The more time you spend with your Chakrub, the more its imbued energy becomes a stronger and more prevalent force in your mind and body. Your relationship and beliefs surrounding crystals are your own. When you sit with your philosophy of crystal healing, we encourage you to remain open to the experiences and unique unfolding that will occur as you practice more and more with your Chakrub. Your experience is truly your own.



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