What to Consider When Choosing a Birthday for Your Business or Project What to Consider When Choosing a Birthday for Your Business or Project

What to Consider When Choosing a Birthday for Your Business or Project

We’ve all been warned of the dangers of releasing projects and signing contracts during Mercury Retrograde, but what about auspicious times for launching our business babies? Each of the zodiac signs adds a specific flavor to our endeavors and being intentional not just about what we release into the world, but when we share it, can help us use those energies to our advantage.

In addition to planetary placements, the days of the week also influence how our projects are received. Every day of the week has an ancient correlation to a different planet, with each of those planets infusing its unique qualities into that day. Below we dive into each day’s planetary ruler as well as how the sun in different zodiac signs can color our projects.


Sunday is typically treated as a day of rest, but it marks the beginning of the week for a reason. Ruled by the sun which represents the self and our way of being in the world, Sunday is a great day for self-care and planning your week ahead. Prioritizing your needs on this day can lend you energy and motivation for the week ahead.


It’s easy to see how Monday was once Moon day and why it is associated with our moon. Although this is the start of the work week for many, it’s meant to be a day where we tend to our emotional needs and are receptive to subtle energies. Monday is great for meditating or brainstorming about a project, but perhaps not the best for a business launch. Besides, Monday morning inboxes are overwhelming and you don’t want your message to get lost in the shuffle.


Tuesday, or Mardi in French, is ruled by Mars (you can see how a familiarity with languages can aid in understanding these relationships). Mars represents our vitality, passion, and drive. Our natal Mars sign provides insight into how we fight and how we fuck. Tuesdays can be great for business launches and a powerful day to get people rallying behind your cause.


Wednesday, or Mercredi in French, is ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules over communication, travel, and technology, and Wednesday can be a great day for launching businesses that deal in these industries. Mercury also influences the way we process information, so you might want to choose a different day of the week if you already tend towards overthinking.


Thursday, or Jeudi in French, is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the great benefic of our galaxy, lending its luck and amplifying whatever it touches. Thursday is a day associated with abundance so it can be especially auspicious if you’re launching something related to sales or seeking funding for a project.


Friday is named after Freya, the Norse Goddess of love, pleasure, beauty, and sex and ruled by Venus who shares similar qualities. Like Jupiter, Venus is a benefic planet, infusing beauty and love into all that she touches. Venus also rules over how we relate to one another, so launching something like a peer-to-peer coaching program or relaxing retreat is likely to be well-received on a Friday.


Saturday is ruled by Saturn, which might seem a little confusing as Saturn is not usually identified with partying and letting loose. Saturn is associated with time, responsibility, and self-mastery, but because this day is associated with rest in most modern societies, it’s best not to launch a business unless it’s one that people are likely to visit on a weekend, such as a gym.

Combining this wisdom with the influence that the sun lends each zodiac signs can help you tailor your business launch to attract the most customers. If you already have a business, it might be worth getting its chart read by an astrologer to understand the most opportune times for new releases, expansions, and reworks.

Sun in Aries

The cardinal fire sign of Aries is known for its independence, confidence, and passion. Launching your business during Aries season can be helpful if you struggle with feelings of imposter syndrome or self-doubt. It’s also a great time for launching a business that is completely owned and operated by you, as opposed to those that rely on staff.

Sun in Taurus

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is associated with carnal pleasures. Symbolized by the bull, it can be a very stubborn and hard-working sign, which can be helpful when preparing to launch a project. Businesses related to food, taking care of the body (think: massage salons and yoga studios), and stimulating the senses (like Chakrubs!) are likely to do well under this influence. For example, last year Chakrubs launched The Forest Line, a wooden collection dyed with various botanicals, last year on Earth Day.

Sun in Gemini

The mutable air sign of Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which reflects its dual nature and ability to consider opposing ideas. Gemini gets a bad rap for being indecisive and wishy-washy, so make sure you’re stating your business ethos clearly if you decide to launch during this time. Businesses that revolve around communication and socialization could do well under this influence, such as restaurants and bars.

Sun in Cancer

Traditionally ruled by the moon, Cancer represents our nurturing and protective aspects. It’s known for being guarded, but because it’s a cardinal sign (meaning that it marks the beginning of a season) it excels at new beginnings. Businesses that revolve around the home and creating safe spaces are likely to be successful while the sun is in Cancer.

Sun in Leo

The sun is at home in Leo, meaning that it draws strength from this placement. The fixed fire sign of Leo is known for being courageous, creative, and bold. This is a great time to launch something related to the arts, such as a performance piece, album, or art gallery. Anything that allows your creativity to shine will be well-received during Leo season.

Sun in Virgo

The mutable earth sign of Virgo is known for its determination and leadership abilities. Virgo excels at delegating and this can be a great time for hiring a team and administering tasks. I tend to think Virgo energy is better spent tying up loose ends and going over your business plan with a fine-tooth comb rather than releasing your business baby into the world.

Sun in Libra

The cardinal air sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, which we can see reflected in its pursuit of harmony, balance, and reciprocal relationships. It’s also a sign that appreciates aesthetics so creative pursuits are likely to be appreciated under this influence. It’s also a great time to release projects that prioritize justice and celebrate community.

Sun in Scorpio

Symbolized by the scorpion, Scorpio is a penetrating sign that can thrive under situations that would challenge most. Because of its fixed nature, Scorpio excels at committing to a goal or idea. This water sign rules over power, transformation, sex, and death, subjects that many of us shy away from. What time better than Scorpio season than to take a risk on a business that deals in these topics?

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its connection to higher learning and travel. Because it’s a mutable sign (meaning that it closes a season), it is more skillful with endings than beginnings. This could be a good time to release a project that deals in education or helps others better themselves in some way, but be prepared to roll with the punches as Sagittarian energy can be quite unpredictable.

Sun in Capricorn

The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat who can scale peaks that many wouldn’t dare climb. While the timing of Capricorn season (i.e. the holidays, when people are often on vacation and not checking email or social media as often) might not be the best for launching a business venture, it’s a great time for refining a project or creating an in-depth business plan.

Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is known as the rebel of the zodiac, but this independent air sign also excels at seeing the big picture and has a huge humanitarian heart. As a fixed sign it can be somewhat stubborn in its ideals, so Aquarius season can be a good time for getting to the bottom of why your business is important and how it’s contributing to the greater good. Ambitious projects that create connection might do well under this influence, but it’s also nearing the end of the zodiacal year (which begins with Aries and ends with Pisces) so it tends to be a better time for brainstorming and re-evaluating than business launches.

Sun in Pisces

The mutable water sign of Pisces is known for its connection to spirituality and artistic pursuits. It’s a bit of a daydreamer and as the last sign in the zodiac, it tends to be a better time for envisioning the future than releasing a new business into the world. Pisces craves connection, so it could also be a great time for holding focus groups to understand how other people respond to your products or ideas.

While it’s important to consider the different energies that are influencing our projects, you should always follow your gut when it comes to timing. You know your business better than I do, so feel free to take what works and leave the rest.

Feature Image by Ramona Galfetti

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