Intention Writing with Chakrubs Intention Writing with Chakrubs

Intention Writing with Chakrubs

Intention writing can be a significant element when working with a Chakrub. The difference between a traditional sex toy and your chakrubs is that chakrubs not only provide instant gratifying physical pleasure, but because they're made with healing elements like floral botanicals and crystals, they offer a pathway to deep emotional support and energy movement over time. These elements are enhanced when you mindfully intend on such things. 
The Most Effective Intentions
The most effective type of intentions will feel good when you think about it. Good intentions feel exhilarating, exciting, inviting, whereas ineffective intentions may bring up feelings of unworthiness. This is because ineffective intentions could be rooted in shame. We want to find the intentions that feel good in your body. If when you write your intention and it feels heavy, work with re-phrasing it. For example,  if your initial intention is "I want to stop feeling anxious," the underlying tone is one of negation and might feel burdensome. You could rephrase this into a more positive and empowering statement, such as "I choose to cultivate calm and tranquility within myself." The revised intention not only avoids the negative connotation but also inspires a sense of control and possibility.


Part 1: Harnessing Intentions: Three Techniques

I like to use these methods for seting your intentions with Chakrubs:

  • Introspection: Reflect on what you want to attract or connect with based on your current needs or desires. For instance, if you're wrestling with negative self-talk, set the intention of fostering positivity and self-esteem with your Chakrub. 

  • Influence of Crystal Energy: The unique energy of the crystal or floral botanical in your Chakrub can guide your intention setting. If your Chakrub is composed of rose quartz, your intention could be tied to healing your heart chakra. If it's crafted from Obsidian, like the Xaga - Curve, your intention might center around releasing shame.

  • Attuning to Chakrub Energy: Your Chakrub is a spiritual guide, and tuning into its frequency can reveal how it can benefit you. Ask your Chakrub, either internally or aloud, what your intention should be for your next session. Trust the intention your Chakrub wishes for you. Let's explore this method further.


Attuning to Chakrub Energy

In this method, you will receive the information from the chakrub itself. Chakrubs are energetic beings that hold consciousness beyond our understanding. Your Chakrub is here as a type of spiritual guide, and when we tune into their frequency, we can become aware how it can serve you. In a moment of meditation, you can lay with your chakrub resting on your heart, or you can sit with it and hold it in your lap. Take a few deep breaths, and internally or audibly ask your chakrubs, "What should my intention be for my next session with you?" You will then "hear" or "sense" what your Chakrub wants you to have for your intention. Thank your Chakrub, and write down what you felt. The trick here is to not second guess yourself. Whatever comes up for you will be what is meant. The more deeply you allow yourself to get into meditation the stronger the message will be. 


Intention Implementation: Timeframes and Symbols

Once you've penned down your intention, establish a timeframe to work with it, such as 9, 21, or 30 days. When not in use, rest your Chakrub on your written intention to further enhance the connection. You might also want to contemplate a symbol that encapsulates your intention, asking your guides to present this symbol once your intentions have been realized.


Making Intentions Part of Your Journey

Setting intentions with your Chakrub can greatly enhance your experience, creating a deep connection between your physical and spiritual self. Engage with your Chakrub in a meaningful way and you'll see a profound difference in your journey.

We encourage you to share your thoughts on this. Comment below what your intention will be with your Chakrub, or if you're inspired to try setting intentions with your Chakrub for the first time. Remember, your journey is uniquely yours and every step forward is a step towards self-discovery and healing.


I love when you love yourself.






  • Sauda Fuller

    My intention is to experience deep intense pleasure and keep my heart open.

  • Gabriela Rodriguez

    I really needed to read this before starting my journey with my Xaga Yoni Egg. Thanks so much & I’m looking forward to my intentions & discovering their evolution as I heal & grow ♥️

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