How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice According to Your Sun Sign How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice According to Your Sun Sign

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice According to Your Sun Sign

The summer solstice occurs on Friday, June 21st, marking the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s celebrated as a peak of energy, a time to let yourself be warmed by the sun’s vitalizing rays. It’s an opportunity to check in on your progress and what you have brought forth since the Winter Solstice six months ago. Now is the time to harvest any remaining seeds that you would like to see bloom while the sun dominates the sky.

In astrology, our sun sign represents the self and how we show up in the world. With the sun shining slightly longer than usual, the summer solstice is an invitation to celebrate ourselves and the unique ways we express our sun signs. Read on for ideas to inspire your summer solstice rituals:


Happy Birthday, Cancer! The summer solstice marks the beginning of your season so why not throw yourself a Cancer-style birthday party? That might mean inviting a few friends over so that you can cook and fawn over them while feeling safe and cozy at the same time. If you’re inclined to get out of the house, sunbathing next to a beach, river, or otherwise large body of water might be a restorative way of tuning into the fire and water energies that rule this day.


The summer solstice is also a celebration for you dear Leo, but isn’t everyday? The energies that surround this day linger throughout your season, reminding us to pay attention to the growth that is coming forth. The summer solstice is a great day for costumes that highlight the loudest, most confident parts of your personality. If you don’t see these qualities in yourself, dress as someone with confidence you hope to emulate. What areas of your life might benefit from you living a little louder?


While it might be a tad unrealistic to ask you to take time off, practical Virgo, perhaps you can spare a few minutes to think about all that your hard work has earned you over the last six months. Write down three accomplishments and then reward yourself, perhaps with a massage or your favorite meal. Rule: You can invite friends to join you, but only if you share your successes with them.


The summer solstice marks an intense peak in energy and the sun moves from flighty Gemini to cautious Cancer right alongside this shift. This is akin to a rip tide for a sign like yours that prefers to go with the flow. Ruled by Venus, Libra is at once soothed and stimulated by beauty in all forms. Use this solstice as an excuse to create some pointless art, something made on the spot with no larger message or meaning, not intended for eyes other than your own. It can be whatever medium you’re comfortable in, or perhaps one you’ve always wanted to try.


Yours is a searching, probing sign, and the summer solstice provides ample opportunity for going deep. A walking meditation allows you to observe all the growth that Mother Nature has midwived over the last season. Drink in your surroundings; the sights, scents, sounds, and tastes of life boldly breaking ground. Affirm that you are not separate from this growth and that you too are blooming. Be wistful as you count the numerous ways.


Symbolized by the archer, yours is a sign that’s constantly looking ahead, readying for the next adventure. Tap into the clarifying energy of the sun with a fire ritual that will help you sever ties with anything that’s distracting your focus. Write down on separate pieces of paper anything that you’re ready to let go. Burn these pages one by one, letting them fall into a bowl of water and thanking them for their lessons.


You love any excuse to celebrate your accomplishments and far be it from me to deny you a good time, but your sign is also infamous for working without pause in pursuit of a goal. Restore yourself for the season ahead with an evening pampering that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for bed. If you’ve already got a solid night time routine in place, you can add extra steps to make it ultra luxurious, perhaps doing a sheet mask, self-massage, or scrub.


Odds are you’ve already got plenty on your mind and running over last season’s achievements might just send you spiraling further. Instead, opt for an activity that you can lose yourself in, perhaps a dance class, stream of consciousness poems, an abstract painting, or joining an open mic. Let this small act be the beginning of a trend where you combat overthinking with creative risk.


In a dream world, you’d spend summer solstice in a hot tub on a roof with your closest friends taking it in via the sunset. Just in case you don’t, I suggest gathering friends for a picnic or beach trip and insisting on a corny group share where everyone details one thing they’re proud of accomplishing since the winter solstice. They’ll groan but secretly love every second of it and your friendships will be stronger as a result.


As the cardinal fire sign that begins the zodiacal calendar, your sign knows a thing or two about power and capability. Whether it’s a sentiment that you’re comfortable with or having trouble claiming, self-pleasure is a wonderful way to remind yourself all that you are capable of. Try to steal away 20-30 minutes, allowing yourself to build to a climax not unlike the summer solstice.


Ruled by Venus, yours is a sign that appreciates the aesthetics of nature. The summer solstice is a great day to treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite flowers, perhaps using some of them in a ritual ceremony or bath. For a Venusian meditation, gaze into a flower’s face for 5-10 minutes and see where your mind wanders off to.


As a mutable air sign, there are few things you love more than to get lost in rigorous debate. The summer solstice is a great time to call, FaceTime, or get dinner with a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while. Make sure you spend equal amounts of time listening and speaking and be honest about your struggles and triumphs over the last two seasons.

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