Here's What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Coping Mechanisms Here's What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Coping Mechanisms

Here's What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Coping Mechanisms

Astrology is having a major moment in pop culture and many of us are discovering just how much information is contained within our natal birth charts (which provides a snapshot of the sky at your time of birth) when we look beyond our sun signs.

Sun, rising, and moon signs are treated as the “holy trinity” of your chart, with your sun sign providing insight into your personality, your rising sign reflecting the qualities that are coming to fruition, and your moon sign often being associated with childhood, past memories, and emotions.

Most horoscopes are written for sun and rising signs, and because our moon sign is more difficult to define, it often receives less attention. This is unfortunate, as working with our moon sign can help us develop intuition, heal past traumas, and provide insight into our emotional instincts. As we endeavor to be more present in our lives, our moon sign can help us understand our coping mechanisms and where they stem from.

You can look up your natal chart on Unlike your rising sign, you do not need your birth time to find your natal moon.

Aries moon

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries isn’t afraid to start some sh*t. Someone with an Aries moon might have a tendency to act impulsively and think more critically about their reactions later on. Defense mechanisms might include yelling, dramatic tears, or a tendency to play the victim. They won’t do well with being ignored and will want to reach some sort of conclusion rather than walking away to cool off their temper.

Taurus moon

Creature comforts are how this sign deals with overwhelm and upsets. They might take a nap, go for a brisk walk, or binge on their favorite food as a way of coping. This fixed earth sign is known for being stubborn and someone with a Taurus moon might be prone to arguing back and forth because they’re confident you’ll eventually acquiesce to their point-of-view. Underestimating a Taurus moon’s ability to dig their heels in (even when they know they’re wrong) would be a mistake.

Gemini moon

Gemini is known for being a quick thinker and a wild card. This mutable air sign thrives off of connection, but if you wrong a Gemini moon you stand the risk of being given the silent treatment or cut off completely. You’ll want to make sure that arguments are completely talked through, as this placement has a tendency to suppress emotions while keeping a mental list of complaints to unleash once they’ve hit their breaking point.

Cancer moon

The moon is at home in Cancer and someone with this placement is likely to be a deep and intuitive thinker. They will need time to process strong emotions and isolation can be a defense mechanism that gives them the space to understand what is bothering them and what they need. They might also have a tendency to enforce literal boundaries that can act as a shell, such as locking themselves in a room or turning their phone off indefinitely.

Leo moon

This fixed fire sign is known for threatrics so be prepared for drama if you cross them. Someone with a Leo moon might make a scene to prove a point or shut down completely. The good news is that this heart-centered sign is likely to recognize their fault eventually and will be just as over-the-top in their apologies. One healthy way for a Leo moon to process strong emotions is to tap into their creative side.

Virgo moon

Virgo gets a reputation for being emotionally distant and someone with a Virgo moon might have a tendency to throw themselves into work or distract themselves with exercise instead of dealing with whatever is bothering them. At the same time, Virgo is all about efficiency. After they release frustration at the gym or work, they’ll be ready to deal with the issue head on so that it’s not cluttering their conscious.

Libra moon

The cardinal air sign of Libra is well-known as the peacekeeper of the zodiac. Symbolized by the scales, someone with a Libra moon will often go out of their way to keep things in balance. They might have a tendency to avoid conflict or deny their real feelings, especially if they fear that expressing them will cause unrest. This Venus-ruled sign might also find solace in listening to music or watching a movie that reflects their current situation.

Scorpio moon

Make sure you change your passwords if you wrong a Scorpio moon! Just kidding (maybe), but someone with this fixed water placement might have a tendency to over-investigate as a defense mechanism. This could mean internet sleuthing on someone they suspect is dishonest or falling down a WebMD hole because they have a strange pain in their side. There’s no glossing over unpleasantries with Scorpio Moons and they’ll have difficulty moving on until the issue has been dealt with completely.

Sagittarius moon

Flight is going to be the natural response for a Sagittarius moon who is feeling threatened or attacked. This might come off as dismissiveness or curtness and they might even trick themselves into believing that they don’t care (pro-tip: “It’s fine” basically means the opposite). This sign is known for its connection to philosophy, so be prepared to discuss every angle once they’re ready to deal with an issue.

Capricorn moon

The moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, meaning that it can be difficult for those with this placement to embody the moon’s natural intuitive and nurturing qualities. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that excels at getting things done and sometimes emotions can feel like a needless task that someone else put on their to-do list. Their go-to defense mechanisms are avoidance and denial, with a splash of overworking to help them bypass what’s bothering them.

Aquarius moon

Aquarius is an air sign that is deeply motivated by authentic connection and discourse. They get a reputation for being a bit of a know-it-all and their fixed modality means they can be stubborn about their ideas. What you consider an intense argument might be a healthy debate in the eyes of an Aquarius moon. This is an incredibly innovative placement, so they might throw themselves into a creative project if they’re not ready to deal with whatever is triggering them.

Pisces moon

As one of the most emotionally sensitive signs, someone with a Pisces moon is almost guaranteed to cry as a defense mechanism. While tears can be used strategically, that is likely not the agenda for this placement. Crying is merely a release and allowing them the space and time to process their emotions is going to be key for helping them feel safe. Sleep comes in as a close second for their favorite coping skill.

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