Here's What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Seduction Style Here's What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Seduction Style

Here's What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Seduction Style

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you may remember a best-selling book that our parents and all of their friends seemed to own: Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. From what I understand the book was outdated at the time it was published, but its tongue-in-cheek assertion that planetary energies impact the way we approach relationships and sex is spot on.

The traits we assign to planets harken back to ancient times and while some might have masculine- or feminine-associated qualities, these planets belong to everyone and are expressed through each of us in unique ways. Astrology posits that because we share a solar system with these planets and orbit the same sun, they have varying impact in our lives.

Mars, like Mercury and Venus, is considered an inner planet, meaning that it is closer to the sun and smaller in size, with a rocky texture. Because of these similarities to Earth, the movements of Mars are thought to have a greater influence on our day-to-day lives.

In ancient Roman mythology, Mars was a god of war who directed his aggression towards securing peace and oversaw agricultural growth. He was known for his virility, aggression, and drive. The zodiac sign that Mars occupies in our birth chart can provide hints into how we pursue and like to be pursued — in all aspects of life.

If you don’t already know your Mars sign, you can find out by entering your birth info on a site like CafeAstrology or If you don’t want to share your birth data, you can refer to this timetable of Mars’ activity over the last 90 years.

Mars in Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars, meaning that the two share a compatibility that allows Aries to draw power and strength from this planet. Mars in Aries is confident, driven, independent, and perhaps a little impulsive. A person with Mars in Aries might fall hard and burn out fast. While it might be flattering to be on the receiving end of this attention, potential partners should make sure they’re not being treated as something to “win.” People with Mars in Aries likely have a seduction style that celebrates themselves. They might enjoy getting dolled up to impress someone and beginning foreplay with a striptease performance that gives them center stage.

Mars in Taurus

The sensual earth sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is sometimes viewed as Mars’ romantic counterpart. Where Mars is assertive and strong-willed, Venus is receptive and patient. Mars in Taurus is a little stubborn and needs to move at its own pace. People with this placement have a strong sense of commitment so they’re likely to take their time and truly consider all options before choosing a direction. Someone with Mars in Taurus will enjoy slow seductions that occur over an entire evening or perhaps a long weekend devoted entirely to pleasure. Don’t even think about trying to rush this placement through foreplay.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in the flirty air sign of Gemini loves to solve a mystery and is motivated by curiosity. They’re likely to be drawn to situations that are just as complex as them and should beware a tendency towards messiness. Wittiness and clever banter are likely to get their attention. People with Mars in Gemini might have trouble getting out of their head and sensual dirty talk during foreplay could be a fun way to keep them engaged. Mars in Gemini has the potential to bore easily so seduction should vary to keep them entertained.

Mars in Cancer

The warrior planet of Mars in the protective and maternal water sign of Cancer makes for an interesting combination. Mars in Cancer is driven by intuition and a sense of security. When provoked, they might be prone to emotional overreactions or outbursts. They need people in their lives who can see beyond the dramatics and help them feel safe. Mars in Cancer might need to be coaxed out of their shell with a sensual oil massage or luxurious bath, but their natural tendency to nurture makes them very generous with partners they trust.

Mars in Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun, which shares some similarities with Mars. The sun represents our ego and personality, while Mars is the drive that helps us enact our will in the world. Mars in Leo is confident and creative in how they achieve their goals. Someone with Mars in Leo might be difficult to pin down and playing a little hard to get might be one way to grab their attention. After all, Leo is symbolized by the lion, a cunning feline that loves a good chase. Someone with Mars in Leo might enjoy a coy game of cat and mouse where they tease their partners into pouncing, or vice versa.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo is known as the perfectionist of the zodiac and for good reason. Mars in Virgo is calculated and on guard. It might be difficult for someone with this placement to open up and be vulnerable and their partners will have to go the extra distance to prove their commitment. However, Mars in Virgo is also steadfast and loyal so once you’ve earned their attention they’re likely to remain by your side. Someone with Mars in Virgo will be impressed by small acts of service that reduce their stress (like washing their hair or a foot rub after work) and seductions that catch them by surprise.

Mars in Libra

Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, reflecting the planet’s love of beauty, balance, and artistic pursuits. Mars in Libra is inspired by connections and leverages relationships in pursuit of their goals. They are driven by aesthetics and might be obsessed with setting the scene prior to seduction or adorning themselves or their partners in lingerie. Like all air signs, Mars in Libra is most comfortable in the mental realm and will enjoy playing out fantasies that stimulate their creativity.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is Scorpio’s secondary ruler after Aries and it is in this fixed water sign that Mars is most connected to its instincts and able to get to the heart of a matter. Mars in Scorpio is intense and brooding with no patience for superficialities. This placement is also incredibly connected to their sexual power and able to see how sex and pleasure can be used for transformation. Seduce Mars in Scorpio with soulful eye gazing, marathon tantric sex, and power play dynamics like BDSM.

Mars in Sagittarius

The mutable fire sign of Sagittarius is a constant seeker of knowledge and exploration. They’re motivated by uncovering the unknown and putting their wisdom into action. Those with Mars in Sagittarius might be slightly averse to commitment and will appreciate partners who are open to non-traditional relationship models. Mars in Sagittarius might be a bit of an exhibitionist and hints of public play could get their pulse racing. Spontaneous encounters are another way to get their attention.

Mars in Capricorn

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) excel at initiating things and Capricorn in particular is one of the most ambitious signs. It’s symbolized by the agile sea goat who can climb peaks unscalable by many. People with Mars in Capricorn needs partners who won’t be intimidated by their work ethic. They are often motivated by a challenge and have a strong sense of commitment. Someone with Mars in Capricorn is likely to be no-nonsense in their seduction style, telling you exactly what they want from you — along with when and how.

Mars in Aquarius

The fixed air sign of Aquarius is known for being a big picture thinker who takes an innovative approach to progress. Mars in Aquarius likes an intellectual challenge and is attracted to those who are self-knowledgeable with a strong moral compass. While it’s difficult to change the mind of someone with Mars in Aquarius, they do appreciate a healthy debate and people who can introduce them to new concepts and ideas. Aquarius are the self-identified freaks of the zodiac and those with Mars in Aquarius will gravitate to partners who think outside of the box. Keep them guessing with sensory play and other kinky exploits.

Mars in Pisces

The mutable water sign of Pisces rules over our dream worlds and intuition, helping us understand how we are all connected. Mars in Pisces might be a bit meandering and easily distracted, more motivated by the journey than arriving at the finish line. Those with this placement are driven by intimacy and might be chronic over-sharers. They’ll be drawn to far-out ideas like out-of-body orgasms and penetration on the astral plane. Seduce them with meditation as foreplay and fantasies that stretch the imagination.

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