Ev'Yan Whitney's Tips for Using Chakrubs Ev'Yan Whitney's Tips for Using Chakrubs

Ev'Yan Whitney's Tips for Using Chakrubs

Ev’Yan Whitney is a sexual liberation coach who facilitates, educates, and empowers women-identifying folks who want to bloom into sexually free and body-adoring beings. 

She wrote an article about working with Chakrubs below, and the video version is here, too!





Chakrubs is an indie biz that sells sex toys made from 100% pure, 100% natural crystal.

They look like sacred sex wands that only a Goddess would wield—stunningly gorgeous, incredibly powerful, a mix of delicate and earthy. Perfect for your altar and sexplay.

Crystals themselves are a potent earth-made material, one that helps to awaken higher levels of consciousness, provoke transformation, work through emotional imbalances, and heal deep core wounding. Take all of that and put it in sex toy form, and you’ve got a mighty healing and orgasmic tool.

Chakrubs can help to. . .

  • sensitize you so that you feel tingles from even the slightest sensual touch
  • create harmony in mind, body, and spirit
  • encourage self-awareness and mindfulness

And it’s true.

From the the first time I used my crystal dildo, I could feel an incredible shift in my body, as if I had been cracked wide open to experience and receive a deeper kind of pleasure than I’d ever had with any toy before—including my shiva lingam. And the orgasm was so intense, sending me on a kind of body-high, one that reverberated into my day-to-day.

One thing that vibrators never gave me was a full, unhindered connection to my sexuality. There was always a level of detachment, however small, that kept me from accessing the depths of my arousal. And then there was this sense that the pleasure was being done to me, not received intentionally, consciously.

With my Chakrub, I’ve always been beautifully aware that the exchange of pleasure I am giving and receiving has a very co-creative, self-loving aura to it, one that I don’t zone out on, one that heightens my capacity to feel and get off.

The kind of sexplay I have with my Chakrub rivals the love I make with my partner: it’s spiritual, intentional, wholly sensual.

I remember the excitement I felt when I received my rectangular box in the mail. And my excitement was surmounted by sheer joy at the thoughtful, love-filled message that inducted me into the Chakrub community:

“I love you for purchasing your Chakrub. . . . I love you for believing that your body is sacred and so your items should be as well. I love you for taking care of yourself. I love you because you have desires. I love you because you are brave to act on those desires.”


Chakrub has me as a raving fan and loyal customer for life.


1. Cleanse it. Gentle soap and warm water will do. You can also do a sea salt and water bath, soaking your Chakrub for five minutes or so.

2. Sync it with your body. After cleansing, spend some time with your crystal by putting it close to or on your body. On the night that I got mine, I set the Chakrub right on my heart chakra (chest) while I was laying flat reading a book in bed. Then. . . I moved it to my sacral chakra (right below my belly button) for a little while. When it was time for sleep, I then moved my Chakrub under my pillow, sleeping with it all night.

Working with crystals is a very intimate and personal, and because they are so sensitive to energies, it’s important that your Chakrub’s energy always has a home in / with you.

3. Play with it. . . but, warm it to your body first! Chakrubs, when not in use, are pretty cold to the touch. Not incredibly inviting when you’re rearing and ready to go. A trick I’ve learned is to not play with the Chakrub right away, but instead to allow it to warm to my body first. I do this by simply putting it on my body (like resting against my leg, for instance, or holding it in my free hand) while I’m turning myself on by watching porn or using my fingers to get the juices flowing.

By the time my yoni is begging to be penetrated, the Chakrub is warm and practically buzzing with energy; charged and ready to play.

4. After play, cleanse again, then keep in a safe place. I store mine in the little bag that comes with the Chakrub and keep it in my bedside cabinet.

5. Don’t let anyone come into contact with your Chakrub unless sacredly ordained. My crystal dildo is quite the topic of discussion amongst me and my girlfriends. I start gushing about its amazingness and naturally, they want to see it. So I bring it out, let them coo and ahhh!, but I don’t allow anyone to touch it. Not even my partner. Not just because for hygienic purposes, but because my Chakrub is intricately attuned to my body.

Again, crystals are alive and they have the ability to absorb other people’s energies. So use caution when sharing the love, and make sure to always cleanse afterward!

6. Charge it with the full moon. This is another form of cleansing, but more of an energetic one. Think of charging your Chakrub in the full moonlight as a kind of retuning, like you’d do every so often with a piano guitar. The moon holds within it incredibly potent and healing and activating energy, perfect for your Chakrub to absorb. On the night of a full moon, put your crystal on a windowsill that faces the moon’s light & keep it there while you sleep. Crystals love moonbaths!

7. You don’t have to use it for just sexplay! I’ve found that just sleeping with my Chakrub underneath my pillow when I’m in need of some self-care is enough to help balance my emotions and relax my body. I sometimes meditate with it, too, sitting on top of it (like a chicken were to sit on an egg) and doing some deep, conscious breathing. That in and of itself is energy shifting.

Feature Image by Ev’Yan Whitney

Ev'Yan Whitney in A Chakrubs Ritual from Chakrubs on Vimeo.


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