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Releasing Throat Chakra Blocks Through The Cervix

When the flow of energy is blocked in the throat chakra, we often feel at a loss for words or a chronic tightness in the throat area. As the chakra system runs vertically and is interconnected, any blockages in one chakra affect the rest. The throat chakra is our power center of expression and without it functioning optimally, the ability to express freely and confidently is depleted in our hearts, core, sexuality and more.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect your throat chakra may be blocked, there are ways to facilitate release in the throat through other parts of the body. In this article, we are going to be exploring the connection between the throat and the cervix and ways to release any blockages your body may be holding onto.

The throat and cervix connection

In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix is an extension of the heart point in the body. If you compare images of the anatomy of the throat and cervix, you see striking similarities in the type of tissue that makes up each part and in the anatomical structure.

Art by Luisa Alexandre


Most of us have already accessed the connection between the cervix and throat without realizing it. Next time you hum, moan, or release verbally, notice how the muscles of your pelvic floor and the base of your cervix naturally soften. This method is most commonly used unconsciously during sex as a way of accepting our partner deeper into the body.

When you give oral sex to a partner, it’s common for the vaginal walls and womb space to soften and become aroused. This is because when the tip of the penis touches the throat, the cervix and vaginal walls relax and increase natural lubrication.

With such a strong and active connection between these two parts of the body, working with the cervix is a natural way to access throat chakra healing and release through pleasure.


How to release blockages through the cervix

For many, the cervix is a tender and highly sensitive area of the body or completely numb to feeling. It’s often under-nourished by touch and holds a lot of fear and tension. With regular and intentional practice, the cervix can become a source of pleasure in the body where it is sensitive to touch in just the right ways. And in this practice, it can become a powerful source of release through the process of dearmouring and working with its connection to the throat chakra. Here is a practice you can follow 1-3 times per a week:

  1. Begin by finding a comfortable place to lay down. You’ll want to be somewhere you’re comfortable making noise as part of this practice involves working with the vocal cords.
  2. Place one hand lightly on your throat and the other hand on your lower abdomen. Circle breath from your lower abdomen and out from your mouth. Allow yourself to start moaning and release any noises that arise from your throat. Some days the noises may be soft moans, and other days they can be loud and more guttural. Trust whatever needs to be released.
  3. Once you feel the activation from your womb space to your throat, you can shift your focus downwards to your yoni. Use your hands or Chakrub to gently massage your inner thighs and outer lips as you warm yourself up for entering. Allow your hips and body to move around as energy circulates and different pleasure centers begin to activate.
  4. When you feel open and ready to be entered, take your time inserting the end of your Chakrub into yourself. Work it around in gentle circles like you are giving yourself a soft internal massage. Your only focus here is to notice the different sensations that arise in different areas of your body. Note discomfort, pleasure, and even numbness as you work yourself deeper and deeper inside.
  5. Once your Chakrub is fully inserted and able to touch your cervix, the dearmouring process can begin. Very lightly use the tip of your Chakrub to softly touch and rub the outer rim of your cervix. Go slower than you think you need to. Be especially focused on what sensations are arising for you. It’s common to have uncomfortable sensations arise in the pit of your stomach, or to feel overwhelmed by emotions that arise from touch.
  6. As you get used to allowing the various sensations to arise, begin moving focus back into your throat chakra area. Feel into the connection between the sensations arriving in your cervix and how they feel in your throat. Allow your throat to release any tension, discomfort, or emotion arising in your womb through moaning, grunting, or any noise you feel called to make. Let this cycle of exploring different touches on your cervix and releasing verbally fill the rest of the practice.
  7. When touching your cervix begins to feel overly sensitive, back to feeling numb or you begin to lose connection with your body, you’ll know the practice is over. Close it out by removing your Chakrub from your body, placing it over your heart with the tip close to your throat, and taking three deep breaths that fill from the womb space. Then thank your body for the access and release it has provided you with today.

If you’ve never done cervical work before, the first few times working with it can feel overwhelming. It’s completely normal if your first few practices can only last five to ten minutes. This isn’t an exercise in pushing yourself past your limits, so remember to listen to your body’s signals. This practice is best done at least once a week and at most three times a week to start.

Over time, your cervix will get used to receiving touch and even begin to welcome and crave it. You will also notice the opening and ease of expression that your throat chakra will start exhibiting. Do your best to honor the natural responses and timing of your body as you commit to your practice.


Feature image: Tina Maria Elena Bak



Julianna Carbonare
Julianna Carbonare is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Chakrubs and the Copy Editor for Freque Magazine.

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