Why Crystals? Why Crystals?

Why Crystals?

Love is the driving force of life and crystals are love stones. They are powerful expressions of love and passion- gently romantic or strongly erotic! They can help heal broken hearts and foster healthy relationships. Crystals have the power to heal and protect the heart chakra, increase empathy, ease emotional and sexual imbalances while combating negative feelings of anger, resentment, and jealousy, and promote the development of love and compassion.
Crystals form the bridge between passionate love and spiritual love. Crystals redefine sexual pleasure and uphold the concept of sacred sex. They are the media that raise physical consciousness to its spiritual level. A path to access your holy spirit, crystal takes physical lovemaking to the summit of soul illumination.

Beautiful homogenous solids with three-dimensional, symmetrically arranged plane faces are the “perception of beauty” for the admirers of beauty and the source of spiritual energy for individuals who hold spirituality in high esteem. Crystals – the seemingly inert and lifeless solids are, in reality, the dominant tools of transformation. Crystals, forming the very core of our physical as well as energy composition, offer a unique path to establish links with the higher levels of our consciousness and existence. Mineral crystals may be billions of years old, but they are in a constant creation mode! Crystals are evergreen!

A valuable artifact for archeologists, crystal, of various forms, has been used by magicians and shamanists since the ancient times. The earliest references of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. Crystals and gems not only formed adornments for the ancient Egyptians, but they were vital components of their magical formulas. The crystals were believed to be blessed with
abilities to ward off evil spirits and night terror and to offer protection and bring good health.

Crystals found its widespread use in ancient Greece as well. In fact, the very word “crystal” was derived from the Greek translation of ice as the ancient Greeks perceived clear quartz as water that had frozen permanently to the solid state. The word “Amethyst” comes from the Greek translation of “not drunken” and the gemstone was worn by Ancient Greeks to prevent drunkenness and hangovers. The concept of crystal healing was also traced in the traditional Chinese medicine and in India’s Ayurvedic records that date back to over 5000 years.

While the ancient world related crystals with magic and mystery, the modern world bases the crystal healing philosophy on pure science and logic. The soul of the body is its energy. The human body has an intricate electromagnetic system with which the crystals, being perfect electromagnetic conductors, can establish interactions. Crystals have the power to transform and strengthen various energies into biological energies that rebalance and revitalize our
biological system not only in the cellular level, but in the mental, emotional, and spiritual level as well. Crystals carry healing vibrations that activate the chakras or the energy centers within our electromagnetic system while producing a positive effect on the entire body system.

With fully energized and active chakras, you are on your way to reach your goals, fulfill your aspirations, and see the light of your life.

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