The Ancient Mythical Italian Inspiration Behind The Forest Line The Ancient Mythical Italian Inspiration Behind The Forest Line

The Ancient Mythical Italian Inspiration Behind The Forest Line

While I was working on my first book Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure, I would often go in my backyard and sit under my favorite tree. When I was up against a tight deadline, the tree seemed to emit a calming, reassuring energy. When I felt stuck or uninspired, returning to nature helped clear creative blocks. It was during this time that the seeds for The Forest Line were first planted in my mind.

As the idea grew roots, I remembered advice that I had been giving friends since I was a teenager. Whenever they were sad I would tell them to, “Buy yourself flowers,” as I believe that flowers have the power to infuse beauty into any situation, hence why they’re given at occasions ranging from weddings to funerals to sports victories. By making my new Forest Line entirely out of wood and dyeing it with different botanical essences, I was able to deepen this practice and link it to sacred pleasure.

Another driving influence behind this collection is fairy tales, myths, and fables. Often set in the woods, these were the stories that shaped our morals and made us believe in our innate magic.

As we grew up, the world tried to deny our magic and convince us to play it safe. By blending flower, plant, and fairy tale magic, The Forest Line invites us to embrace our divine nature and write our own tales.

Because this is such a personal collection, I chose to name the pieces after my Italian heritage, often referencing my favorite fairy tales and mythologies, as well as the occult. I hope this insight gives you greater understanding of each piece and how it can be used to wield magic.


Sirenetta is the Italian word for mermaid, and this item is inspired by the magic of the sea. Though beautiful, sirens were dangerous creatures who would lure sailors with their melodic voices. Use the Sirenetta to explore your sultriness, the dark side of your seduction. Curved like a curling tidal wave, the Sirenetta sits snugly in a harness and entices the user to dive deep into fluid emotion. The Sirenetta is made from maplewood and naturally dyed with logwood, scabiosa, and rose, resulting in swirling shades of navy blue and purple, reminiscent of unexplored ocean depths. The energy of these plants hold impressive intuitive powers and combine to create a well of desire.


Named after the woodland creatures that frolic in fairy tales, the Fauna’s delicate horn-like shape mimics that of a cornicello, the Italian amulet worn to protect against bad luck and increase fertility. The Fauna is made from maplewood and dyed with logwood and oak apple, lending it a dark brown ombre look. Use this piece to explore the dark side of your imagination and enhance your sensual appetite.


The Angitia was created in honor of the ancient Italian goddess by the same name. The sensuous curves of this piece are inspired by the snakes that Angitia was rumored to charm and ideal for internal massage. The Angitia glows serpent green with hints of soft pink and is dyed with green buckthorn berries, rose, and ranunculus. This powerful combination of plant energy can be used for spell work and to enhance charisma.


Named after the ancient Italian goddess of the moon and queen of the witches, Aradia is a strong form meant to help the user reclaim their sensual prowess. It is made from maplewood and naturally dyed with eucalyptus, quebracho rojo, citric acid, and rose, reflecting deep hues of pink to enhance feelings of compassion and tenderness. This curvaceous, double-sided model gives a pleasurable “full” feeling and contains protective and healing qualities.

Fata (La Fata Azzurra)

Inspired by the blue fairy who made Pinocchio’s nose grow, the Fata promotes courage in communicating your desires. Fairies are angels of nature, symbolizing magic and the power of imagination. The Fata can be used to explore the depths of sexual fantasy or wherever the mind might take you. This model is double-sided with a gentle curvature perfect for internal massage. It is made from maplewood and naturally dyed with eucalyptus, indigo, ranunculus, and rose, which lend purifying and protective energies.


The Italian word for witch, Strega is a stand for Chakrubs products. Made from maplewood and naturally dyed with eucalyptus, rose, ranunculus, indigo, and scabiosa, this piece emits a strong floral energy that will infuse itself into any item placed upon it. Think of the Strega as just one ingredient in your magical potion and place other items on it to influence the energy.


Translating to “large penis” in Ancient Greek, Forrest was once a name reserved for those with a well-endowed trunk. This thick, sturdy piece is phallic-shaped, symbolizing yang energy and fertility. Made from maplewood and dyed with rose, eucalyptus, ranunculus, and scabiosa, the Forrest features a thick, mushroom-like head for extra sensation and invokes a balanced, grounded energy.


In Italian tarot tradition, il Mondo translates to The World, a card that represents wholeness and culmination. The Mondo cock ring is made from maplewood and dyed with logwood, indigo, and iron salts, giving it a blue or black color depending on your preference. It fits snugly and stifles blood circulation, increasing sensitivity. Indigo lends protective qualities for those experimenting with sacred discipline or power exchange dynamics.

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