Cord Cutting with Black Obsidian Cord Cutting with Black Obsidian

Cord Cutting with Black Obsidian

Anything we place our attention on creates a cord of connection that grows stronger in tandem with our focus. While day-to-day hiccups are typically easy to let go, negative self-concepts that we’ve been reinforcing throughout a lifetime often prove more difficult to sever.

It’s wise to occasionally look at the different areas of our lives and assess what we are holding onto and whether it is truly serving us. This cord cutting ritual can be done anytime you need to review your attachments and release unwanted energies.

Items needed:

Xaga Chakrub, obsidian or another black or dark colored crystal



To begin you will make a list to address seven different areas of your life. If you work with the chakra system, you can think of it in those terms.

The first area is your basic needs. Ask yourself, are my needs being met? Do I feel safe? If not, what is preventing you from accessing this feeling of security? Time yourself for three minutes and write down anything that comes around this theme.

Next, consider your desires. Are you in touch with your desires? Do you know what you want and feel worthy of having it? Set your timer and let your pen run wild.

Then you will connect to your sense of personal power and motivation. Do you feel capable and inspired to go after what you want? Do you feel empowered to follow your gut instincts? Write down anything that is blocking you in this area.

Begin to tune into your heart center and your ability to give and receive love. Are you able to easily access compassion for yourself and others? Do you stifled or overwhelmed by your emotions? Set your timer and free write your feelings.

Next you will consider your modes of expression. Do you feel empowered to speak your mind? Is there someone who is cutting you off or misinterpreting you? Let it all out.

Turn your attention to the middle of your brow and consider your mental space. Do you trust your thoughts and ability to discern? Do you follow your intuition and explore your imagination? Are you caught up in repetitive thoughts or stuck on an outdated idea? Consider what you’d like to release and write it down.

Finally, think of your connection to something greater than yourself, to nature and the earth, the whole of humanity, and the entire universe. Do you feel grateful for this life you’ve been given? Do you feel connected to your purpose? Write down anything that comes up around those questions.

Consider your list for a few more minutes. You might become aware of more connections that you’d like to release, feel free to write down anything else that comes up.

Next, take your Xaga and hold it horizontally above your waistline. Look at what you wrote down concerning your basic needs and sense of safety. Imagine cords that are connecting you to these different ideas, people, or objects. Raise the Xaga and then slice it through the air, cutting each one of those cords. You might find it helpful to affirm aloud what you are releasing. For example, “I am releasing the belief that I need a romantic partner in order to feel secure.”

Raise the Xaga a few inches so that it is hovering horizontally a couple inches below your belly button. Revisit what you wrote about your creativity and sensuality. Once you can picture the cords connecting you, lift the Xaga and cut them one by one.

Repeat this process at the center of your stomach and consciously release anything that you wrote under personal power and accountability.

Next raise the Xaga to your heart and sever any cords that prevent you from accessing love.

Then bring it up to the throat area as you consider the cords that prevent you from speaking your truths.

Next lift it to your eyebrow line as you release any attachments that block intuition or clarity.

Finally, you’ll raise the Xaga to the area just above your head as you prepare to cut any connections that threaten your bond with divine energy.

When you are finished, rest for a moment while holding the Xaga in your lap and tune into how you feel after this purge of excess energy.

Take your Xaga to a sink and lovingly rinse it off. You might enjoy taking a shower or bath with your Xaga (but be careful as it’s slippery when wet) to symbolize a final cleansing. Thank yourself for taking the time to tend to yourself and thank your Xaga for assisting in this process of renewal.

Feature Image by Alex Kacha

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