Menstrual Relief Ritual with Chakrubs: A Guide Menstrual Relief Ritual with Chakrubs: A Guide

Menstrual Relief Ritual with Chakrubs: A Guide

For years, I've found solace during my menstrual cycle in a self-care practice involving Chakrubs, particularly the crystal massage wands. I'd love to share this comforting ritual with you.

When we climax, our bodies release serotonin and dopamine, acting as natural pain relievers. While Chakrubs are often used to reach orgasm, my method focuses on their heat retention capabilities and their unique property to echo my body's natural energies.

During menstruation, I often experience body tension and lower abdominal cramps, as well as tightness in my legs and lower back. I frequently use my Chakrub as an external massage wand, allowing the hard stone to dig deep into my muscles.

One day, I decided to seek relief from within. I began to use my Chakrub as an internal warming tool, a massage stone that could alleviate my muscular tension from the inside. As the Chakrub warmed up, I felt my muscles relax, and the energy of the crystal seemed to resonate within me.

Having used my Chakrub regularly, it holds a kind of 'muscle memory' of my orgasmic energy. This stored energy, combined with the heat of the crystal, creates a comforting sensation that seems to radiate throughout my body, easing my period pain.

Here are the steps I use to create this effect:

Materials needed: a Chakrub of choice, preferably a wand, a bowl, a towel, and a comfortable place to rest. Optional - an additional towel to lay on in case of heavy blood flow.

  1. Start with a clean Chakrub, hygienically and energetically: Rinse your Chakrub with mild soap and water prior to use. During this process, visualize a white light passing through it. This quick and easy step prepares your Chakrub for the ritual or any practice you're going to use it for.

  2. Prepare the materials: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and line it with a washcloth. Place your Chakrub in the bowl and allow it to sit for about 20 seconds.

  3. Insert and Relax: Before inserting the warmed Chakrub, ensure it's a comfortable temperature. Then, lay on your back and insert it or rest it where you're experiencing pain. Close your eyes and tune into the energy of the stone.

  4. Massage (optional): If you desire extra relief, use the stone to apply pressure to the different muscles inside your vagina. Rotate, and discover what feels good.

  5. Heart Connection: I always love to end any session with a Chakrub by placing it on my heart and bonding with it. During this phase in my cycle, I often have some blood, and I personally cherish the mark of menstrual blood on my heart placed there by my Chakrub.

  6. Cleanse: Afterward, wash your Chakrub again, preparing it for your next session. Store it on a special altar connected to this phase of your cycle, or anywhere you keep it safe.

Remember, if you're uncomfortable with the idea of internal application during menstruation, you can simply rest the warmed Chakrub on your abdomen, allowing the heat and stored energies to soothe your discomfort externally.

This personal approach to menstrual relief has brought me immense comfort, and I hope it might do the same for you. I encourage you to share your own experiences with Chakrubs and menstrual relief. Our shared experiences can create a community of comfort and understanding.

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