How to Use Crystals to Reduce Electromagnetic Smog How to Use Crystals to Reduce Electromagnetic Smog

How to Use Crystals to Reduce Electromagnetic Smog

With most of the world heeding stay-at-home orders to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’re more attached to our devices than ever. Between our jobs, entertainment, news, and staying connected with loved ones, we’re swapping electronics from the time we wake up until the moment we go to bed.

We’re all managing in the best ways we know how and without much clarity on when our social distancing will come to an end, it’s likely we’ll be using our electronics with more frequency in the months to come. As we seek to create supportive routines in the midst of this global crisis, one thing that we should be aware of are symptoms of increased sensitivity to electromagnetic smog.

Every atomic particle has an electromagnetic field (EMF), including the sun and the earth. In most cases, these fields are harmless to us, or in the case of the sun, vitalizing in certain doses. However, with the development of electric power and all of its modern manifestations, our natural environment has evolved into a tightly woven network of multiple radiating sources. We refer to this excessive density of radiation as “electrosmog.”

Electrosmog results from the accumulation of different electromagnetic influences in one area. A single source of radiation, such as a bedside lamp, generates an electromagnetic field that may be potentially harmful, but alone is not electrosmog. However, stronger sources of radiation, such as Wi-Fi routers and Smartphones, do create electrosmog even by themselves. Additional devices that emit electromagnetic radiation include tablets, computers, microwave ovens, and Smart TVs.

Studies have shown that chronic exposure to low-level radiation like that emitted from cell phones can cause a variety of cancers, impair the immune system, and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, heart disease, and many other health conditions. Symptoms of increased sensitivity to electrosmog include dizziness, waking up tired, difficulty concentrating or focusing, lack of energy, memory loss and forgetfulness, feeling overstimulated, sensitivity to light and noise, bumping into things and general feelings of clumsiness, headaches, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, and fatigue.

One 2016 study demonstrated that an anisotropic crystal was capable of absorbing electromagnetic radiation. While it’s impossible to avoid electrosmog altogether, especially while we’re obeying orders to stay indoors, crystals can be effective tools for cleansing your space of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

First, it should be noted that not all crystals are helpful in this regard and that some can actually intensify electrosmog. Avoid silicate crystals, which includes all types of quartz (clear, rose, smokey, etc), opal, and lepidolite, as these stones have amplification and conductive properties, which is why they’re so widely used in electronics.

Next, there are several iron-containing stones which are believed to dispel electrosmog, but should not be stored near electronics as they are magnetic and can cause them to malfunction. However, if you are feeling extra-sensitive to electrosmog, you might try sleeping with, meditating with, or even simply holding a piece of pyrite, hematite, or magnetite crystal.

Recommended crystals to keep near your devices or wear on your body to protect your field from electrosmog include shungite, fulgurite, amazonite, aegirine, and black tourmaline.

It’s important to recognize that all of us have our own unique EMFs (also known as our aura) that may or may not resonate with the crystals listed above. We encourage you to experiment and see what works for you!

A few other suggestions for reducing electrosmog in your home, particularly if you are showing signs of sensitivity:

  • Turn off the wifi on your router and connect it to your computer or laptop with a cable
  • Turn off your wifi at night
  • Don’t sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom
  • Do not “wear” your cell phone all day, put it in a bag and leave it on a table when not using it
  • Turn off your cell phone or put it on airplane mode when you’re not using it
  • Remove electronic devices from the bedroom, or as far away as possible from your bed
  • Use speaker phone or wear earbuds when talking on your cell phone
  • Place laptops and tablets on a table in front of you instead of on your lap


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