Chakrubs & Acupressure Chakrubs & Acupressure

Chakrubs & Acupressure

Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine that is based on the anatomy of the internal organs and how they are all interconnected by pathways called meridians. The meridians serve as channels that flow throughout the body, similar to the Western idea of blood vessels, capillaries, and the nervous system with its peripheral branches. However, while vessels are pathways for blood, meridians function as pathways for energy to circulate around the body.

Each part of the musculoskeletal system is related to a main meridian that circulates energy around a specific internal organ. The way in which energy flows through these meridians is dependent on balances or imbalances within that organ.

Acupuncturists know the pathway of these channels, and can therefore connect them with a diverse range of health symptoms. The main channels are important to the flow and circulation of Qi (or Chi), life force. The Chinese also determined that some of the meridians have Yin energy, and some are predominantly Yang energy. The aim of the practice is to bring balance and harmony to the Yin and the Yang.

Using information from this practice, it is possible to do at home treatment simply through acupressure. This is using the same points informed by acupuncture, but instead of using a needle, you can apply pressure to these points to move around the stagnant energy and hopefully clear blockages.

We have found that using your Chakrub to apply the pressure to these points can be yet another use for your beautiful Chakrub, as well as a way to simultaneously reap the benefits from both crystal healing as well as acupressure.

Information from Sacred Lotus Chinese Medicine

Campaign for Chakrubs by Jenny Sotelo and Kate Hollowell

***please note we are not medical professionals

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