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Ways To Work With Your Chakrub

There is a natural magnetism to Chakrubs, both in name and form, that many people find themselves drawn to. While the initial intent behind Chakrubs was to create a tool for healing through crystals and sacred pleasure, there are no limitations for the kind of relationship you choose to build with your Chakrub.

If you do not have the desire to form a sexual relationship with your Chakrub, there are still many methods to explore in which your Chakrub can bring love and healing into your life.


Physical Touch

Non-sexual physical touch is a beautiful method for building a relationship with your Chakrub. The subtleties and effects of crystal energy can be felt anytime you bring your crystal into interaction with your own energetic field.

One of the best ways to experience the benefits of physical touch with your Chakrub is through massage. You can use either tapered end of your Chakrub to knead into the muscles on any area of your body. If you have a body part in need of healing or an especially tender area, massage your Chakrub into the area while envisioning a healing light being absorbed into your skin.

The pointed end of your Chakrub is especially useful for performing acupressure. You can experience intense relief and relaxation in the body by working with the different pressure points in your musculoskeletal system. We explore the crystal healing and muscular benefits of working with your Chakrub to perform acupressure massage in this article.

If the pointed ends of your Chakrub feel too intense for massage, rolling the full length of the Chakrub down your body is another satisfying way to experience physical touch. This is especially nice for working with the delicate tendons of the hands and feet. Incorporate temperature play by placing your Chakrub in a warm (lukewarm, no boiling water should be used) bowl of water and allowing some time for it to absorb the heat. Allow your Chakrub to complete a cycle of releasing its heat onto your body and cooling down again while you roll it all over your skin.


Ritual Support

Crystal energy can be a wonderful support in your meditation and breathwork practices. This can look as simple as keeping your Chakrub on your chest while you perform breathwork exercises. You can also infuse your Chakrub with affirmations and intentions before you sit down to perform your ritual of choice. Crystals are programmed by the energy that we infuse them with which makes them powerful to work with in our rituals centered around energy management.

Another powerful ritual that Chakrubs can support is crystal grid work. Chakrubs from The Original Line are in the shape of a wand. This makes them great to use as a connector stone in crystal grid work. Any Chakrub shape can be used as the generator stone in grids since they are a large size and made of 100% crystal. If you’re already familiar with gridwork, you can create a large, life-size grid by placing Chakrubs and other crystals in different points around your home. The Chakrub would serve as the connector.


Creative Work

Working with crystals can be helpful for boosting inspiration and channeling creative energy. If you use astrological cycles to guide your creative work, you can charge your Chakrub in the moonlight during zodiac phases that align with your creativity and inspiration.

Sleeping with your Chakrub is another way to infuse the crystal energy with your dreams and manifestations. Keep the Chakrub in its pouch for protection and place it underneath your pillow. Before you go to bed, caress and infuse your Chakrub with the vision you are trying to manifest. Another way to do this is by writing an intention or affirmation on a piece of paper and keeping it inside the pouch with your Chakrub.

Once you have built a relationship with your Chakrub and feel it has been charged by the creative energy and vision you have set into it, bring it into your workspace while you create. Having your Chakrub join you for work sessions is a beautiful reminder of the intention and vision you have for yourself.


An Object of Beauty

A Chakrub can be one of the most fascinating conversation pieces in your space. Keep its beauty on display by creating an altar with it as the centerpiece. Try to place it in an area with natural light so the natural composition of its crystal can reflect and shine throughout the room. When visitors to your space ask about your Chakrub, tell them its story and the relationship the two of you have built together. It is a representation of the love you have for yourself on display.

If you have a Chakrub in the slim shape, the naturally cool crystal can be rolled over your skin (like a facial roller), after performing your own skin and beauty rituals. As you gently glide the Chakrub all over your face and jaw line, imagine its crystal energy filling your face with love and appreciation for the beauty that is you. Allow your Chakrub to reveal your beauty.


The relationship you choose to build with your Chakrub is completely up to you. There is no wrong or right way to use each other. What matters most is that your Chakrub is a source of love and healing for you.

Image by CeCe Di Paolo


Julianna Carbonare
Julianna is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Chakrubs and the Lead Copy Editor for Freque Magazine.

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