Learn How to Tie a String Around Your Yoni Egg Learn How to Tie a String Around Your Yoni Egg

Learn How to Tie a String Around Your Yoni Egg

“Can someone explain the egg?” This question pops up a lot. The jade or yoni egg is an intriguing and multifaceted tool for wellbeing. The jade egg practice is dated back thousands of years – and has gained increased interest recently as we go into a new age of consciousness – valuing ancient wisdom integrated with scientific esteem, with roots in our individual intuition. The jade egg or yoni egg practice is the process of inserting an egg-shaped crystal into the yoni (Sanskrit term translating to “womb space” or “sacred space”). It is traditionally used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but being that it is made from crystal, it can also facilitate stronger connection to the vagina, and sexuality.

Whether you want to improve the quality of your orgasms, decrease menstrual cramps, strengthen your pelvic floor, or deeply connect to crystal and sexual energy, yoni eggs are the simple, beautiful, and effective touchstones to assist you on your path.

Another question that often comes up is, “How does it come out?” Part of the practice is understanding how to release or “birth” the egg, developing an understanding of the full range of motion with your muscles. Of course, there is also the option of getting a drilled egg, one that comes with a string. To choose the drilled option, just choose from the drop down in our online shop. This option comes with a wax-coated hemp string. This is for advanced-egg practices such as vaginal weight lifting, but it can also give some peace of mind for easy removal.

Ah – but how do you tie the string with the egg? Another great question! See details below as well as a video that shows how to tie the string around your yoni egg in a simple way!

Always remember to purchase your yoni eggs from trusted retailers – Chakrubs are certified with Gemological Institute of America (certificates available upon request), comes with beautiful pouches, instruction packet, and a selenite stone to keep nearby for energetic cleansing.

1. Use a natural hemp fiber string that is thin enough to fit through the yoni egg hole when doubled up. Cut a piece that is still about 10 inches when folded.

2. Fold the string in half.

3. Thread the string through the egg – inserting the end that is folded over first.

4. Now, a loop is created on the side of the yoni egg where the string has exited. Thread the two loose ends through the loop. Now you have secured your string! Pull it tight. The wider side of the egg should be inserted first, so the ends of the string should hang comfortably and within reach!

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