How To Love Yourself According To Your Venus Sign How To Love Yourself According To Your Venus Sign

How To Love Yourself According To Your Venus Sign

Venus is commonly known as the planet of love, beauty, and femininity. Many look to this planet as a way to manifest a partner or romantic energy in their life. But Venus offers more than just guidance for romantic partnership. If you are someone struggling to love yourself deeply, Venus offers the insights you need. 

The placement of Venus in your birth chart reveals information about the ways you feel the most loved and respond to love the best. This is valuable information for anyone looking to deepen their self-love reservoirs and truly begin the path towards cherishing themselves. 

It’s also important to note that if you are wanting to attract a romantic partnership at this time, the best way to do this is to begin with romancing yourself. By filling your own Venusian cup, you set forth the law of attracting someone who can add even more to your cup of love. 

To find your Venus sign, use a free chart calculator like this one


Venus in Aries 

Aries placements can have a tendency to follow a hot start, quick to burn out pattern. For any Aries feeling a lack of love in themselves, the first step starts with accepting and embracing their natural fiery qualities. Aries is also known as the child of the Zodiac, so the best way to take care of yourself is through the energy of a loving parent. By embodying this archetype, you practice awareness such as delayed gratification, checking in with your needs, taking care of basic health needs throughout the day, and just encouraging yourself to lean into a little bit of extra slowness throughout the day. 

Unbalanced Aries: Insensitive, exhausts themselves, overly impulsive

Balanced Aries: Passionate, fun-loving, present


Venus in Taurus

Taurus is naturally ruled by Venus, so this is an exalted placement in your birth chart. Comfort, sensual pleasures, and luxury come naturally to Taurus. But it can be a helpful reminder that romance and its fine details are an essential piece to feeling loved. When it comes to yourself, focus on indulging yourself in tasks like cooking a delicious meal, taking an afternoon off to get a massage, and rubbing yourself with oils before bed. Treating yourself like the royalty you are is what will attract a partner that does the same. 

Unbalanced Taurus: Overindulgent, lethargic, stubborn at own expense

Balanced Taurus: Sensual, intuitive, loving


Venus in Gemini

Gemini in Venus places a bit more focus on the mind than on the heart. Geminis feel most connected, stimulated, and loved through conversation and mental connection. Your instincts often tell you to move at a fast-pace, choose experiences over stability, and be excited by as many ideas as possible. The way to love yourself as a Gemini is to listen to your instincts while maintaining the balance of taking care of your needs. Don’t bulldoze over yourself while you’re trying to hop on your next adventure. You’ll enjoy experiences more if you can take care of your basic needs along the way. 

Unbalanced Gemini: Anxious, burnt out, numb body

Balanced Gemini: Enlivened, adventurous, activated 


Venus in Cancer 

Venus in Cancer has natural nurturing qualities which technically should make it easy for this birth chart to love and care for themselves. However, this placement is known to become fatigued or resentful without the proper boundaries. The key for Cancer is to make a habit of putting themselves first on a consistent basis. Take a day of the week that is an unapologetic “you” day. The more you fill your own cup, the better you can show up for others. 

Unbalanced Cancer: Resentful, fatigued, overly giving

Balanced Cancer: Nurturing, sweet, boundaried


Venus in Leo 

Venus in Leo brings radiance and luxury to the centerfold. Leos appreciate the finest, and sometimes showiest things in life. Instead of waiting for someone else to dazzle you, why not dazzle yourself? The empowered Leo feels capable and excited to sweep themselves off their feet. Take an evening to make yourself feel beautiful, wine and dine yourself, and give yourself the most gorgeous piece of jewelry. The way you treat yourself will expand tenfold in every other area of your life. 

Unbalanced Leo: Arrogant, bitter, ego-driven

Balanced Leo: Radiant, empowered, heart-led


Venus in Virgo 

Virgo is a surprisingly sensual sign of the zodiac that typically knows how to take care of itself. If you have strong Virgo placements, odds are you have some pretty regimented routines you follow for your health and well being. Virgo is a sign that naturally respects itself but can sometimes use some support with gently loving itself. Take note of the areas in your life where you strive for absolute perfection. Can you give yourself some grace for not being perfect? Can you love and appreciate all that you do for yourself? 

Unbalanced Virgo: Rigid, mechanical, over-analytical

Balanced Virgo: Sensual, loving, self-caring


Venus in Libra

Libra in Venus are the natural romancers and lovers of the zodiac. On the other hand, Libras can have a tendency to pour too much energy into seeking external love rather than creating internal love. Being a Libra placement, recognize that your hunt for love is actually a search for balance. It’s important for Libras to regularly practice solo pleasures as a way to remember that balance can come from within you, not just from an external validation. Focus on learning how to receive love and recognize that true balance is achieved in yourself, regardless of your relationship status.

Unbalanced Libra: Low self-esteem, obsessed with love, mental fogginess

Balanced Libra: Confident, calm, lovable


Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio brings forward the stormy depths of emotion. Nothing superficial or on the surface will do to fill Scorpio with love. To fill your own cup, you need quality time with yourself. Take the space to really tune into what you need. Serve yourself with a meaning, taking unapologetic space and time to explore your depths and ride waves of emotion. When you reemerge you will feel refreshed and completely in love with your spirit and complexity.

Unbalanced Scorpio: Depressed, bitter, pessimistic 

Balanced Scorpio: Passionate, grounded, erotic


Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a light-hearted fire sign, with trademark qualities of friendliness and passion. It’s important to not allow your tendency towards rash decisions and fun to bulldoze your capacity to love. You may have trouble being alone, and tackling this insecurity will help you find the love you desire by filling yourself. Try blocking off one evening a week where you do not socialize or go out. Get comfortable being with yourself until you get to the point where you genuinely love being on your own.  

Unbalanced Sagittarius: Abrupt, bull-dozing, shallow

Balanced Sagittarius: Intentional, present, adventurous


Venus in Capricorn

Capricorn is grounded as an earth sign and tends to be more of a realist. For this sign to get swept up in the airiness of venusian energy takes intention. A Capricorn’s ideal romance is rooted in friendship, but when it comes to romancing yourself, you need to be able to let loose. Do things that make you feel caught up in fantasy and desire – like reading a great fiction book and or taking a spontaneous day trip. Try to lessen the rigidness and heaviness of Capricorn’s routine by giving yourself some slack to feel in love with your own energy. 

Unbalanced Capricorn: Uptight, closed-off, overly realistic

Balanced Capricorn: Flexible, boundaried, detail-oriented


Venus in Aquarius

An Aquarius in Venus will have an open heart and mindset about love and romance. It’s easy to get swept up in different ideas and possibilities but this also makes it harder for you to tune into your true desires. Aquarians have a tendency to lose their own opinions and standings when in the presence of others. Show yourself how much you love you by making a practice of standing firm in your own preferences.   You are allowed to have standards, boundaries, and selfish desires, too.

Unbalanced Aquarius: Flighty, foggy, resentful

Balanced Aquarius: Joyful, confident, open-hearted


Venus in Pisces

 A Venus in Pisces placement is known to fantasize about and prioritize all forms of love. However, this can manifest as a Pisces settling for any form of love rather than waiting patiently for what they deserve. Ask yourself, what do you fantasize about? Be brutally honest. There is nothing wrong with idealizing love or sex (research shows that’s healthy to fantasize without censoring ourselves). But know that you can give that love to yourself as well as trust that the highest forms of it are coming to you. Break out of the pattern of settling and lean into trusting your higher standards. 

Unbalanced Pisces: Spacey, easily swayed, codependent

Balanced Pisces: Dreamy, firm, loving


Learn from Venus but do not think of her as a strict ruler of your love. She is a fluid seductress that can help you experience love with mindful integrity. Use her to understand your romantic needs and patterns, especially at the beginning of a relationship or in between partners. 


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