Kate McLeod - Sex Stone


For self pleasure or partner play, this sensual moisturizer provides nourishing lubrication for moments of intimacy and exploration. Subtle notes of cocoa bring warmth and arousal to your pleasure routine. Use whenever the mood strikes for a magic moment of self care in the bedroom.

Enriched with argan oil for an even silkier "melts-on-contact" application, the Sex Stone is perfect in the bedroom and doubles as a body moisturizer for dry skin. Keep on your bedside table or take on the go for easy access whenever the mood strikes. No awkward bottle, no synthetics, just a completely plant based massage stone that melts in all the right places.

WARNING: For external use only. Not for use with latex products, including latex condoms or sex toys.

Solid at room temperature, the Sex Stone softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin. As you smooth it over your body (or your partner's), it melts and absorbs.

Hint: Start with a massage and see where things go.