Sensual Tarot Readings
Sensual Tarot Readings

Sensual Tarot Readings

Sensual Tarot Readings

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In this transformative 30-40 minute session, Vanessa will guide you through a specially curated three-card pull, offering profound insights and illuminating pathways to self-discovery. In these unique readings, the intricate designs in the cards are utilized as a catalyst for introspection, much like the famed ink blot tests.

The Sensual Tarot Reading delves into the intimate realm of intimacy, self-love, and relationships, giving you the opportunity to explore and embrace your desires, fears, and aspirations. Vanessa's empathetic and supportive approach creates a safe space for open dialogue, allowing you to share your thoughts and concerns without judgment.

What to Expect:

  • You will be guided in meditation throughout the reading to tap into your unique energetic imprint, the part of you that already knows the answers you seek.
  • Using the Decameron Deck, an Italian-sensuality tarot deck, you will be guided to interpret the symbols as they relate to your past and present situation, and finally receive guidance from your future self.
  • We close the reading with a healing message and discussion to break down what it is you need to move forward. Think of this as part tarot reading, and part consultation - an interactive and intuitive look into a specific situation or deep rooted trouble you have relating to intimacy, love, and relationships. 

Note: Due to the personalized nature of each session, the reading may involve more than three cards, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of your unique circumstances.

Availability is limited. Contact us through the contact form or at to be added to the waitlist. 

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