What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Build Confidence What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Build Confidence

What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Build Confidence

Each sign of the zodiac has its own way of expressing confidence. But from the strong headed Aries to sensitive Cancer, there are always steps we can take to build an even healthier foundation of being. Confidence grows when we are able to have non-judgmental analysis of where past actions have led us and careful contemplation of how our courses need to be altered. That is why it is a constant, life-long work to build and assess your comfort of living in your own skin.

This reading for will provide you with the affirmation your sign needs to take a step towards building confidence. You are encouraged to meditate on the symbols of the cards to receive additional intuitive guidance. Another way to work with this wisdom is to reflect on how you relate to the word(s) associated with your oracle card. Take note of your initial response and then look up the term(s) in a dictionary to go deeper into its medicine.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. You can read for each of your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.



Affirmation: I meditate on my potential for endless inspiration.

Support stone: Clear Quartz will amplify whatever intention you choose.



Affirmation: My heart is a talisman that I carry into every battle.

Support stone: Rhodonite will strengthen the heart-mind-body connection.



Affirmation: Gratitude is a beacon that lights my way.

Support stone: Orange aventurine will help you find inspiration in appreciation.



Affirmation: I accept all ebbs and flows as evidence of my growth.

Support stone: Green aventurine will encourage you to celebrate subtle progress.



Affirmation: There are infinite ways to tend to my inner fire.

Support stone: Carnelian will boost confidence in your expansive abilities.



Affirmation: I accept transformation as my most consistent form.

Support stone: Black tourmaline will offer protection as you undergo changes.



Affirmation: Trust is a practice I will spend a lifetime perfecting.

Support stone: Obsidian will help you untangle your trust issues.



Affirmation: I remain grounded in the opportunity of every moment.

Support stone: Red jasper will keep you rooted in the present.



Affirmation: Water invites me to create connection and flow.

Support stone: Selenite will help you tune into the gentle support water offers us.



Affirmation: Psychic dreams manifest when I stop second guessing.

Support stone: Amethyst will strengthen your intuition and remove psychic blocks.



Affirmation: Power can only be possessed from within.

Support stone: Obsidian will challenge your ideas about where power comes from.



Affirmation: Home is the aura that protects my being.

Support stone: Rose quartz will remind you of the inner resources available to you.

Feature Image by K. Adamczyk

Readings are written by Danielle Dorsey using the Sacred Symbol Oracle Deck created by artist Marcella Kroll.

The original text was edited by Julianna Carbonare on November 17, 2021.

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