The Healing Energies of Flowers and Botanicals The Healing Energies of Flowers and Botanicals

The Healing Energies of Flowers and Botanicals

The Original Line from Chakrubs, made with crystal, was about facilitating energy movement through healing crystal work. As crystal sex toys have surged in popularity, many of us have heard the testimonials and incredible experiences that others have had using these tools in their sex lives. 

But crystals aren’t the only natural materials that Mother Earth has to offer as support in our practices of sexual enlightenment. The practice of using plants as medicine goes back to the beginning of time. 

The Forest Line is about infusing our sex lives with play, fantasy, and imagination. We return to the forest for an infusion of botanicals and flower energy to give us the opportunity to play with plant energy, explore new fantasies, and reconnect with a sense of lightness and wonder that is reminiscent of the fairytales we loved as children.

Just like crystals, flowers and botanicals contain energies that interact with our own energetic bodies. In this article, we will explore the properties of the botanicals used in The Forest Line and explore how we can incorporate plant energy into our intimate lives. 


Crystal Energy vs Flower Energy

The energy of crystals can be considered more dense, connecting us with depths of self, past lives, or ancestral stories. The formation of rocks takes many years and the pressure that is built up through the earth is what creates such an intense energy— and magnificent looking crystals! 

Flowers exist on a subtler plane. They are very much alive in the world and also die quickly, but they are a plant that keeps on giving. Flower energy can help us get back in tune with a subtler, simpler, awe inspired energy that is around us at all times. Flowers remind us to stop and notice the beauty in our immediate surroundings, as well as to be patient and take things in stride, like a slow, blooming bud.


The History of Plant Energy

The symbolic language of flowers has also been recognized in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. Mythologies, folklore, sonnets, and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese are peppered with flower and plant symbolism

Just as stones and minerals come from the earth, flower and plants exist in a similar energetic realm. They are not only complex bodies of life, but they also exert a pleasurable aroma, color, texture while their build reflects sacred geometry.

Flowers, like crystals, can transport us beyond the reach of words and therefore have strong spiritual connotations. They are nature's ever evolving reminder of the death-life cycle, growth, abundance, and an example of how to nourish others (but only after you nourish the self, first). Because of this they provide a passage to instant communion with the divine.


The Healing Properties of Botanicals

First prized for their medicinal properties, flowers have also been sought out for decoration and in sacred ceremonies. These traditions have carried on through time and are the foundation of the reasons we still drink tea, use plants in homeopathic medicine, and place flowers in our homes. Their physical medicinal potential coupled with their magnetic auras create a beautiful and unique set of healing properties. 

The following are some examples of the metaphysical properties of botanicals used in The Forest Line:



One of the seven colors of the rainbow, indigo was once so valued it doubled as a form of currency. It is one of few blue dyes from nature and does not fade. Indigo holds protective qualities and can be used for banishing or symbolically closing a life chapter.



Ranunculus translates to “little frog” in Latin and it is believed that the “Princess and the Frog” fairy tale is based upon an Asian myth where the prince was not transformed into a frog, but a ranunculus flower. The ranunculus flower blooms in an array of colors and acts as a symbol of charm and attraction.



Perhaps the most prized of all the flowers, the rose has been cultivated for over 5,000 years and played a symbolic role in nearly every religion and mythology since ancient times. Roses represent divination, love, femininity, and desire, but have additional meanings based on their color.



Eucalyptus trees can literally dispense gold, which explains why they have traditionally been associated with abundance, wealth, and foretelling. The roots of the eucalyptus tree extract precious metals from the soil, but because they are toxic for the tree, it attempts to release it through its leaves. Eucalyptus has legendary healing powers and its oil is used to treat respiratory issues, as an antiseptic as well as insect repellent. 


About The Forest Line

The Forest Line is a collection by Chakrubs that takes these mystical and medicinal properties of botanicals and works them into a tool for your intimate life. Imagine the potential of these ancient and wise plants interacting with the most receptive parts of your energy body. 

The Forest Line asks the user to strengthen the muscle of imagination with the symbolism of trees and flowers as the base. Flowers, after all, are nature’s sex organs. They remind us of our innate sensitivities and help us tune into our feelings and sense of touch. Trees hold a special bond with humans because we provide life force to each other; the trees emit oxygen for us to breathe and thrive off our carbon dioxide. 

The Forest Line strengthens the Chakrubs mission by encouraging us to explore our hidden depths. Our bodies, our minds, our emotions. We are the writers of our own stories. We are the storytellers. Let’s get back to the roots of who we are and feel good doing so.

Read more about The Forest Line here.

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