Raising Your Pleasure Potential Raising Your Pleasure Potential

Raising Your Pleasure Potential

So many of us exist in a constant mode of fight or flight, always assessing the probability of danger. It can be a struggle to simply meet the body’s needs, near impossible to access delight. We forget how stress and trauma take root in the body, manifesting as pain and illness the longer they remain unprocessed.

This ritual will help you identify and release stagnant energy while activating joy in the body. It infuses sex magic with mindful eating, sensation play, and more to create an experience just as unique as you.

Time commitment: 30 minutes or as long as you like

Suggested items:

Chakrub or pleasure tool of your choice

Roses or flowers of your choice

Glass of ice cubes

Dark chocolate, fruits, or other finger foods

Candles (for wax play)

A note about items needed: This ritual is meant to stimulate the senses, so feel free to use what you have and/or expand upon the suggestions here.

To begin, create a relaxing space where you will not be disturbed. Queue up a soothing playlist, light candles or incense, and anything else that will set a seductive mood. Make sure your ritual items are within arm’s reach as you sit or lie down and take a few centering breaths.

At first, just take note of how your body feels. Notice where you are holding tension and consciously release it. It might feel good to stretch your arms above your head and roll your shoulders as you ease into the space.

You’ll begin your pleasure scan at the crown of your head and work your way down. Notice the sensations beneath your scalp. What would feel good to this area of the body? You might give yourself a gentle scalp massage or let a piece of ice drip down the back of your head and neck, causing those delicate hairs to stand at attention.

Make your way down the head, asking your ears and the different parts of your face what kind of attention they would like from you. If you have flowers handy, you might sniff them or graze them against your skin. If you have chocolate or other snacks nearby, take a bite and feel how your body responds to nourishment. Lick your lips and trace your tongue over your teeth, savoring the taste.

Invoke the different senses as you travel down the body. It might feel good to rub massage oil into your shoulders or let candle wax decorate your chest. You might be tempted to suckle your fingertips or gaze upon yourself like a work of art, memorizing every detail and curve. Endeavor to follow every impulse and be willing to expand your definition of what your body is capable of.

Feel free to skip areas of the body that feel triggering or difficult to be present with. As you pass over your more delicate terrain, send love and healing to these places, affirming that pleasure will one day be possible.

A few more sensual suggestions before completing this ritual: drizzle honey along your forearm and lap it with an eager tongue, talk dirty to yourself, place an ice cube in a rose and trace it along your shin, scratch your own back and leave claw marks if it feels good, taste the nectar that releases with your orgasm.

Follow this ritual all the way down to your pinky toe. After you are finished, take a few moments to be present with the energy you have conjured through your body. Give gratitude to yourself for taking the time to prioritize pleasure.

If you are doing this ritual on a new moon, I encourage you to set intentions that elicit joy in the body, perhaps committing to a daily practice of self-pleasure for the next moon cycle to see what shifts occur.

Feature Image by Eva Zar

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