Conversations with the Universe Conversations with the Universe

Conversations with the Universe

When looking for direction, it’s easy to forget that we have more than personal experience to lean on. The universe is eager to share its secrets, if we are willing to be curious and ask.

Perhaps the most magical part of all this is that we can choose who delivers these messages based on what resonates with us. You can seek clarity from your higher self, ancient deities, angels, ancestors, spirits, or even aliens. Wherever you go looking, you’re sure to find something.

For this ritual, you’ll tap into universal wisdom with a stream of consciousness Q&A. Return to this exercise whenever you need reassurance of the infinite intelligence available to you. Let it remind you that you are never truly alone.

Time commitment: 30 minutes

Items needed:

Laptop or desktop or pen and paper

To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Keep your laptop or pen and paper within arm’s reach as you settle into a comfortable seat and clear your mind.

Before you begin the automatic writing portion of this ritual, you must get clear on who or what you are seeking wisdom from and the questions you have. If you need insight into long-held patterns or generational trauma, you might lean on your well ancestors for support. You could even ask your future self for advice on your present journey. Get as creative as you like and trust that you will receive the information that you need.

Meditate on your questions for five to ten minutes. Once you’ve decided what you want to ask, write or type them out so you don’t forget. Three questions is a good amount to start with. If you’re doing this ritual on a full moon, you might base your questions around what you’d like to release or make space for. If it’s a new moon, your questions might center around an intention or vision you want to manifest.

Look at your first question and ask it out loud, as if your spirit guide or whoever you are talking to is right in front of you. Do not think about the answer, simply let your pen write or fingers type, whichever option makes it easier for your mind to disengage.

You might look away from your notebook or screen to let your hands move unsupervised. If you are using a pen and paper, you might find it easier writing with your non-dominant hand. Think of yourself as a channel and imagine that the being you’re seeking wisdom from is next to you or behind you, guiding your hands.

As you notice your hand slowing down, begin to come back into your body and regroup. Don’t read what you’ve written, simple repeat the same process with the next question, asking it out loud and then letting your hands record any messages.

Once you’ve done this with each of your questions, you can go back over and read your answers. Some of it might read like gibberish or you might see a lot of scribbles if you did the ritual with a pen and paper. Be willing to decode a language that might differ from the one you speak in your everyday life.

Look for symbols, shapes, or anything that might be significant to you. You can circle, highlight, or make notes around anything that feels meaningful. Once you’ve done this for each of your answers, grow through everything once more and try to piece together a story or see if any common themes emerge. What advice is the universe trying to pass on to you?

As you do this ritual over time, you can try communicating with different entities and see where your channel is most clear. When you are finished, thank the universe for sharing its wisdom and ground yourself back into the earth.

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