Choosing Pleasure: How Chakrubs Blend Energy with Orgasm Choosing Pleasure: How Chakrubs Blend Energy with Orgasm

Choosing Pleasure: How Chakrubs Blend Energy with Orgasm

There are different kinds of orgasms. Clitoral, vaginal, anal, nipple, blended, g-spot, squirting, multiple - there's sleep orgasm and coregasm (which is orgasm when exercising). This is good to know that your physical body can experience these things and what's possible in physical pleasure. But sometimes I feel what's missing about the conversation of exploring sexuality is the energy surrounding the orgasm, or the energy that leads to the orgasm. 

There is orgasm that is purely energetic, (I teach you a technique for this in my book, "Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure"). This technique requires simply moving the energy in your body to experience climax. But working with different Chakrubs offer something different of an experience. It has to do with context.

I think we can know every technique in the book, but if the energy isn't right - the techniques won't work. Techniques for orgasm won't work if the context is wrong. When you choose a Chakrub based on its crystal - you are choosing the environment you want to create within your body to offer yourself a pathway to climax that is aligned with what you're needing most in that moment. 

 Part of the "loving yourself" with chakrubs has to do with "knowing" yourself, "accepting" yourself, and providing yourself with what you need in order to feel aligned with your truest sense of being. Even before you start a physical practice with your Chakrub, you are starting the process of loving yourself because you are getting to know what you want on these energetic levels. 

When I started this concept back in 2011, I only had three stones available. Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and White Jasper. It wasn't long before I realized I had an affinity towards the obsidian, and figured the reason why was because I was releasing so much built up internalized anger. Here I was starting a brand whose ethos was all about love, and I was working with a stone that was helping me express the deepest repressed parts of my psyche - it wasn't always pretty, but it was completely necessary for my healing journey.

There was a time I worked with my rose quartz that I specifically remember, because the epiphany I had. I realized I wanted to hear the words, "I love you" while making love to a parter, and in that practice I began to feel into the energy of a partner I wanted to manifest. I couldn't have the same relationship with my rose quartz as I did the obsidian - the energies they conjure are different.

To this day I have a Chakrub I use when I'm simply wanting to feel physical pleasure - and don't want to have any "downloads" or realizations. When I am craving inspiration I go for the Clear Quartz, when I want vivid dreams I reach for my amethyst. Different Chakrubs will offer us different experiences, and knowing what you're needing moment to moment and offering that to yourself is part of the process of learning to love yourself. 

Here is a list of some Chakrubs and how they may offer you different energy based on their crystal properties:


  • The Xaga - Made from black obsidian, the xaga is a stone associated with the root and earth star chakras. It's a companion in shadow work, offering you a sense of protection while working through repressed feelings. You may reach for this stone when you're wanting to work through shame when it comes to certain fantasies or desires.
  • The Heart - Made from rose quartz, is associated with the root and higher heart chakras. Rose quartz is a nurturing stone - it loves you, wants you to feel into your heart so you can heal what aches you. It's one to reach for when you want to open up to love after heartbreak, when you need comfort, romance, or boosts in self-esteem.
  • Smoky Quartz - Made from smoky quartz, associated with root chakra, solar plexus, and crown chakras. A beautiful companion to bring feelings of stability and grounding. For me, it feels detoxifying in a way I can't explain. I feel like energetic debris gets lifted from every little cell in my body when I work with it. You may choose to work with it when you're wanting ...
  • Amethyst - Made from amethyst, this Chakrub is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing intuition, spiritual growth, and protection. It's known for its calming energies, which can aid in meditation and sleep. When using the Amethyst Chakrub, you might find clarity in dreams or a heightened sense of spiritual connection. Opt for this when you're seeking a deeper connection to your intuition or when looking to explore the ethereal aspects of pleasure.

  • Anahata - Carved from rhodonite, the Anahata Chakrub is known for its capacity to balance emotions, heal past traumas, and nurture love. Associated with the heart chakra, it can aid in forgiveness and foster unconditional love. This is the Chakrub you'd reach for when working through emotional scars or when trying to balance your emotional state, especially in matters of love and compassion.

  • Sacral - Sculpted from orange aventurine, this Chakrub stimulates creativity, boosts confidence, and balances the sacral chakra. It is known to uplift one's spirits, help overcome any sexual inhibitions, and enhance personal will. Choose the Sacral when you're in need of a creative spark, when working through intimate blockages, or when looking to manifest your desires into reality.

Each Chakrub provides a unique energy, aligning with different facets of one's being. Understanding and honoring these energies is a transformative step toward holistic self-awareness and love. If you're not sure where to start, we made this quiz to help you choose. 



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