A Path To Growth For Each Sun Sign A Path To Growth For Each Sun Sign

A Path To Growth For Each Sun Sign

We do not fall into the path of growth by accident. Instead, growth begins with intention. Our sun sign naturally provides us with a compass for growth in our birth chart's lifetime. By tuning into the traits that our sun sign exalts and is depleted in, we receive the messages we need to guide us on our path forward into growth.

Below are each astrological sign's most needed area for focus and growth. It is recommended you read these intentions and messages for your sun sign, however it can be applied to your rising or moon sign as well if either resonate with you more.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. You can read for each of your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.



Libra asks you to be present with what is. Harmony and balance are important to your sign, but in order to experience them, you must be present with each moment, you must find practices that allow you to experience and appreciate the fullness of what is available to you.


I ground into who I am and what I desire in each ever-changing moment.



Luck belongs to those who believe in it and seek it out. Start to see yourself as worthy of receiving the things you most desire. Look for coincidences and synchronicities and allow yourself to believe that forces are aligning themselves for your greatest good.


I am reminded of my inherent fortune every time I allow myself to feel pleasure.



Allow yourself to believe that every interaction carries a message from the divine. The butterfly that dances outside of your window and the rude cashier at the grocery store both have equally important wisdom to impart. How can you sensitize yourself to begin to decipher these messages?


I am learning the languages of the divine simply by giving my full attention.



Your sign is one that does not shy away from boundaries, but every now and then we must reassess the boundaries that we have in place and whether they are still working for us. Boundaries are meant to protect us, not isolate us or prevent us from enjoying the abundance of our lives.


Boundaries provide a safe container for me to experience intimacy and closeness.



Understand that all will be revealed in due time and do not try to force the universe to reveal its secrets before it is ready. Find comfort in the unknown and become curious about what in your own life needs protecting. All secrets aren’t meant to be shared.


I delight in discovering the parts of myself that are hidden from public view.



Wealth is not attained with the purchase of a lottery ticket, it is a web of careful decisions that provides a netting for you to fall back on. You can rest assured that the abundance you receive is well-earned, not just luck of the draw. Allow yourself to feel worthy of receiving rewards for all of your efforts.


When I feel rich in spirit that richness is reflected in every aspect of my life.


Karmic Path

Your decisions led you here and regardless of the outcome, you must take responsibility for them. This month encourages you to slow down and take stock of your choices and whether you are satisfied with what they have manifested. Each moment presents an opportunity to realign your karmic path.


I step intentionally into the future by being witness to the present.


Good Fortune

Ask and ye shall receive. You might not always receive exactly what you had envisioned, but rest assured that you will receive something. This month is a powerful time for manifestation and abundance work. Get clear on what you want, affirm yourself as worthy of receiving it, and ask the universe to deliver it.


I affirm that what I envision for myself is also envisioning me.



Otherworldly gifts are coming to fruition. The only missing piece is your belief that you have them. Become curious about the meanings behind your dreams, ask a question into the void and listen for a response. Your psychic skills will heighten in accordance with your attention.


I open myself to perceive and receive the wisdom that exists beyond my natural vision.



Just like The Chariot, the major arcana tarot card that is ruled by your sign, you are preparing yourself for a new chapter, one that might require a different skillset or perspective. As you let go of habits and beliefs that no longer serve, find a talisman to infuse an intention into that will support this new journey.


I am capable of opening and entering any doorway that I find myself in front of.



Time is a tricky thing. So many things depend on timing and it can be frustrating to wait for something that you feel ready for. However, there is also a lesson in the act of waiting and deciphering the right moment. This month asks you to be present so that you can perceive when is the right time to act.


I allow myself to enjoy the anticipation of the abundance that is arriving.



Let gratitude be the lighthouse that illuminates your journey home. When you feel discouraged, exhausted, or thrown off-track, ground into gratitude as a way of fighting off despair. Rather than adhering to yours or others’ expectations, let gratitude inform your direction going forward.


I make space for blessings by blessing what it already mine.

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The original text was edited by Julianna Carbonare on April 27, 2021.

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