Opening the Third Eye with Sensual Energy Opening the Third Eye with Sensual Energy

Opening the Third Eye with Sensual Energy

2nd Edition of the Supra Oracle Deck by Peter Durham

 Opening the Third Eye with Sensual Energy

In the context of romantic relationships, sexuality, and various other aspects of life, the Third Eye Chakra manifests itself in numerous ways. Located between the eyebrows on the face and situated close to the pineal gland, the Third Eye Chakra guides us in transcending individuality, overcoming duality, and heightening our intuitive and psychic abilities. On a physical level, this chakra oversees the nervous and hormonal systems.

When the Third-Eye Chakra needs acknowledgement

When the Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced or weak, you might exhibit co-dependency due to a lack of confidence in your own capacity to comprehend and make decisions. This deficiency can manifest as persistent mental fog and confusion, hindering your ability to think clearly. The sexuality associated with this chakra is linked to visual perception, and an imbalance can lead to an excessive affinity for pornography or an undue emphasis on physical appearance when seeking a partner.Let’s now look at a few ways in which an unhealthy Third Eye Chakra will manifest in your relationship to self, to sexuality, and to romantic partner(s): 

  1. Difficulty trusting intuition: When the Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced, you may struggle to trust your intuition, leading to indecision and insecurity in relationships. This can result in an inability to recognize red flags or discern genuine connections from superficial ones.
  2. Emotional detachment: An imbalanced Third Eye Chakra may cause emotional detachment, making it difficult to open up to your partner or form deep emotional bonds. This lack of emotional intimacy can create distance in relationships and hinder genuine connections.
  3. Overthinking and overanalyzing: An unhealthy Third Eye Chakra may contribute to excessive overthinking and overanalyzing situations in your relationships, causing unnecessary anxiety and stress. This can strain your connections and prevent you from enjoying the present moment with your partner.
  4. Unrealistic expectations: When your Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced, you may develop unrealistic expectations of your romantic partner, driven by fantasies rather than grounded in reality. This can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction in relationships, as no one can live up to an idealized image.
  5. Inability to see beyond the physical: With an unhealthy Third Eye Chakra, you might focus solely on the physical aspects of a relationship or sexual attraction, neglecting the emotional and spiritual components that contribute to deeper connections.
A healthy Third-Eye Chakra

When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, your intellect and intuition harmoniously intertwine. You experience a sense of ease when confronting challenges and derive pleasure from finding solutions. The "love hormone" oxytocin, a natural antidepressant that fosters intimate bonding, is produced in the Third Eye Chakra. A higher level of oxytocin is generated between two individuals who share a strong sexual attraction compared to those who do not. This helps explain why emotions can sometimes develop rapidly following a passionate sexual encounter with someone. By nurturing the balance of the Third Eye Chakra, we can cultivate healthier relationships, deepen our emotional connections, and strengthen our intuitive understanding of ourselves and our partners. Let’s now look at a few ways in which a healthy Third Eye Chakra will manifest in your relationship to self, to sexuality, and to romantic partner(s): 

  1. Trusting your intuition: A balanced Third Eye Chakra allows you to trust your intuition, enabling you to make decisions confidently and navigate your relationships with greater ease. This helps in recognizing genuine connections and avoiding potential pitfalls in partnerships.
  2. Emotional depth and connection: When your Third Eye Chakra is healthy, you are more capable of forming deep emotional bonds and opening up to your partner. This emotional intimacy fosters stronger, more meaningful relationships.
  3. Clear communication: A balanced Third Eye Chakra promotes clarity in thought and expression, reducing misunderstandings and fostering effective communication with your partner. This enhances mutual understanding and harmony within your relationship.
  4. Realistic expectations: With a healthy Third Eye Chakra, you are more likely to have realistic expectations of your romantic partner, understanding that nobody is perfect. This grounded perspective can lead to greater satisfaction and appreciation for the strengths and uniqueness of your partner.
  5. Holistic approach to relationships: A well-balanced Third Eye Chakra enables you to appreciate and nurture not just the physical aspects of a relationship, but also the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual components. This holistic approach fosters deeper, more fulfilling connections with your partner.

Here are some practices to Open and Nurture your Third Eye using your sexual energy:

  1. Present Moment Awareness: A quick way to practice mindfulness during intimate moments is to simply state (aloud or in your head) what is happening without assigning any judgment to it. For example, when you are in an intimate moment, gently observe and describe the sensations or emotions you're experiencing. This might include the feeling of your partner's touch, the rhythm of your breath, or the sense of closeness and vulnerability shared between you both.
  2. Close Your Eyes and See: During your next amorous session, close your eyes and let your imagination soar. Envision yourself and your partner(s) in a variety of exotic, romantic settings. Picture making love in a lush meadow, on a sun-kissed beach, or gently drifting on a rowboat across a serene lake. Imagine yourselves as vibrant colors, perhaps red and blue, swirling together to create a mesmerizing shade of purple.
  3. Or, REALLY look: Perceive everything you observe as energy being absorbed by the Third Eye. You might even consider placing a mirror nearby to enhance your experience. Pay close attention to the intricate details of everything you see, from the tiniest wrinkles to the nearly microscopic hairs. Indulge in looking, take time to look at yourself or your partner and notice things you’ve never noticed before.
  4. Self-Love Affirmations for the Third Eye: Give your intuition acknowledgement. Look to when you may have felt your intuition steered you wrong, and let your third eye know it’s okay. You may even wish to personify your third eye and give it a name, and let them know it is safe to open up.
  5. Chakrubs: The Prism Chakrub is an ideal choice for those seeking clarity, enhanced intuition, or to open their Third Eye Chakra. However, any Chakrub can help channel the sensual energy you generate while using it. Before and after your session, gently place the Chakrub on your forehead between your eyebrows, allowing its energy to permeate your pineal gland. Pay attention to the difference in sensation before and after imbuing the Chakrub with your sensual energy. Imagine your sensual energy seeping into your third eye.

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