Meet the Freques - Wane & Release Guided Meditation with Danielle Dorsey

In this meditation, Chakrubs / Freque Magazine contributor Danielle Dorsey guides listeners through a gentle body scan awareness and chakra clearing meditation to help them release stuck and stagnant energy. No meditation experience is required and the chakra system is briefly explained for those who are unfamiliar.

This 20-minute meditation includes: – Intentional breathing and relaxation to release stuck energy
– Balancing the seven main chakras with conscious breath and color imagery



About Danielle

As the Managing Editor of Chakrubs and Freque Magazine, Danielle is responsible for editing and writing content that uplifts our virtual communities. She is an intuitive tarot reader with over 6 years experience, a certified reiki master healer and teacher, and certified 200-hour yoga instructor. Danielle is also a freelance writer with bylines that include Essence, Lonely Planet, Culture Trip, Girlboss, and more. For information about her healing services, visit Visit to view her writing portfolio.


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