Introducing - The Forest Line Introducing - The Forest Line

Introducing - The Forest Line

Enter The Place Where Imagination And Senses Come To Life


I am overjoyed to present my newest Chakrubs collection, “The Forest Line.” Each piece is carved from wood, lightweight, organic, and sustainable — giving new meaning to the label “tree hugger.”

But there’s something I am doing with this line that has never been done before in the realm of pleasure tools. I am working with natural dye artist, Cara Marie Piazza, who is staining the wood with plants like rose, eucalyptus, indigo, and ranunculus, which infuses plant energy into the pieces and creates beautiful color combinations.

I have also partnered with the eco-conscious wooden pleasure line Nobessence, who will be coating each piece with their patentable technology to make everything completely smooth, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. The wood we are working with is a walnut and maple whose nickname is Rock Maple, and is being shaped at our facility in Long Island, New York by Kevin Itwaru.

Each piece of the new line is inspired by fairy tales, fables, and mythology – the Forest being the setting where many of these stories unfold. The idea is that through fantasy we create our reality, and for many of us imaginative play is enhanced in the bedroom. It also poses the questions, “Where do our morals come from?” and, “What innocence did we lose as children when we decided that magic was not real?” At some point in our development, we stopped believing in fairy tales. We were told to “Grow up” and yet, the moral of so many stories is to keep believing.

The Forest Line asks the user to strengthen the muscle of imagination with the symbolism of trees and flowers as the base. Flowers, after all, are nature’s sex organs. They remind us of our innate sensitivities and help us get in touch with our feelings and sense of touch. Trees hold a special bond with humans because we provide life force to each other; the trees emit oxygen for us to breathe and thrive on our carbon dioxide. The Forest Line is created by bundling a bouquet of plants and flowers around the wood to create a unique pattern so that no two pieces are the same, keeping that important element of the Chakrubs brand in tact.

The names of the pieces in the Forest line pay homage to my Italian heritage. For example, La Fatta Azzurra is named after the blue fairy who befriended a wooden puppet in the classic Italian fairy tale Pinocchio. It was fun to incorporate this story into the line, as my mother loves repeating Jiminy Cricket’s sage wisdom, “Always let your conscience be your guide.” Coincidentally, my father is a marionette enthusiast.

There’s one piece of advice I always give my friends when they’re feeling down. “Buy yourself flowers,” I tell them.

Even in sadness, flowers have a way of infusing beauty into a situation. The Forest Line grounds this message even deeper while strengthening the mission I’ve had since beginning Chakrubs. That mission is to encourage people to explore the depths of themselves. Their bodies, their minds, their emotions. We are the writers of our own stories. We are the storytellers. Let’s make it good, and feel good doing so.

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