How To Wear The Talu How To Wear The Talu

How To Wear The Talu

The Talu is a one-of-a-kind piece from Chakrubs. Its two stainless steel chains are connected by a pure crystal ball gag in the center. This is a piece that is eye-catching, powerful, and highly alluring.

The Vision Behind The Talu

The vision behind the design of The Talu comes from the very first focus group of women working with Chakrubs. In this focus group, the women were often drawn to placing the crystal wands in their mouths— interacting with the energy of the crystal through taste and mouthfeel. This desire for physicality makes sense as the mucous make of the mouth is highly receptive and absorbent to energy, much like the make of our genitals.

The Talu Chakra

There is also a chakra connection to this area of the body. The Talu chakra is a lesser known chakra located in the stem of our brains. While we work mostly within a system of the seven major chakras, there is a system of minor chakras (or energy centers) that work to support our major energy centers. The Talu is the minor chakra most closely connected with the Throat chakra, assisting it in moving the flow of kundalini (or life force energy) from our throat centers up into our crown.

When the Throat chakra is blocked, which can manifest as difficulty with expression or truth, the Talu chakra is prompted to work overtime in support the proper amount of energy flow throughout the body’s midline. By tending to the Talu, we can help strengthen the vitality of our Throat chakras and improve the flow of energy from the midline body to the brain, mind, and crown.

Ways to Use The Talu

The Talu was designed with multiple functionalities and expressions in mind. It is first and foremost an artistic piece for wearing as jewelry with intention to amplify confidence and artistic expression. It is also commonly used as a gag ball piece for sensual play. If you are using The Talu as a gag, please remember to use extreme caution as the gag ball is made with 100% pure crystal. In this piece we will explore some of our favorite ways for playing with and wearing The Talu. We hope you find the joy of play and creativity while discovering your own personal expression with this piece.

As a Choker

For a classic necklace design, the Talu can be adjusted as a choker-like necklace. Simply adjust the chains to overloop in the back comfortably or try the over the shoulder variation shown below. This placement puts the crystal gag right over the base of the throat chakra— a powerful energy center to flood with consistent crystal energy.

For Statement Length

This design allows The Talu’s center to be placed over the heart center or heart chakra. Artistically, this is a beautiful variation for necklace length that allows The Talu to be the statement piece of any outfit. Energetically, this provides a consistent connection to the heart center, activating it and keeping energetic awareness to flow from this place while wearing The Talu.

The Double-Layered Necklace

The double-layered necklace variation is a play on a modern and trending jewelry style. The double-layered look brings the statement of the stainless steel chains to come front and center while holding the crystal ball at the base of the throat chakra. There is a delicate but bold energy to this expression, while serving the activation of the Throat and Talu chakras.


Over The Shoulder

With playful positioning, this style adds an elegant aura to The Talu. This style could be worn to elevate any outfit or be a statement complement to formal attire. The placement of the crystal gag ball can be adjusted to sit as low or high on the neck and chest as you wish.

As a Gag Toy

The classic play look for The Talu. The stainless steel chains can be adjusted to be fitted over the head and ears or around the neck. Please use caution while holding the gag ball in your mouth as the ball is made with 100% pure crystal.

Twisted Energy Symmetry

This necklace design brings beautiful harmony and symmetry to the throat and heart centers. The stainless steel chains are criss-crossed to form a lovely hanging shape for the crystal ball to rest on. This design brings activation to the throat, talu, and heart centers all at once.


Julianna Carbonare
Julianna is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Chakrubs and Lead Copyeditor for Freque Magazine.


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