Founder Vanessa Cuccia's Expanded Interview from O Magazine Founder Vanessa Cuccia's Expanded Interview from O Magazine

Founder Vanessa Cuccia's Expanded Interview from O Magazine

We were delighted when O Magazine reached out requesting to review Chakrubs products along with Founder Vanessa Cuccia’s book Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure. In the finished piece, Senior Social Media Editor Samantha Vicenty details her experience trying three different Chakrub wands and experimenting with the rituals outlined in the book. You can read the full article in the November issue of O Magazine or by visiting the link here.

Below we’ve shared an expanded version of Vanessa’s response to questions from Samantha Vicenty, O Magazine’s Senior Social Media Editor.

While writing the piece, Samantha reached out directly to Vanessa, asking, “In my use of the three—The Xaga Slim, The Prism Slim, and The Indian Jade Original—I found myself most inexplicably drawn to The Xaga obsidian (and the most responsive when playing with it). Do you have any idea of why that may be?

Conversely, I felt almost a strange aversion to the Indian Jade one. Do you have any idea why that may be? Have you heard feedback from any customers who’ve shared their own attraction or aversion to a specific crystal?”

Vanessa replied, “Very interesting that you felt such an attraction to the Xaga, but this is the stone I tend to recommend for people to start with, especially if they are getting over some kind of toxic relationship, wanting to let go of past hurt or traumas, or want to explore hidden sexual desires or parts of the self that have been repressed. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass and was used as an early mirror. It’s black reflection symbolically shows us our “shadow” self, inspiring deep self-contemplation. Those who are heavy into crystal healing praise obsidian for its protective energy which allows for the release of negative emotional implants.

“This was a stone I worked with personally for the first two years I developed Chakrubs starting in 2012 and inspired the Shadow Line of Chakrubs. My biggest lesson I learned from the Xaga was something isn’t “spiritual” because it necessarily looks the part. Really, anything is sacred when we give it the attention that it is. If you felt most resonant with this Chakrub it is because you are energetically matching to what it is offering. Again, people who are big into crystal healing will tell you that crystals have consciousness and actually make their way to us to help us along our path. If this explanation doesn’t sit with you – it could be something much simpler. You could just like the look of it and feel the most attracted to the aesthetics which allowed you to feel more open to what it had to offer you. Or it could be both.

“The adverse feeling you had from the Indian Jade is something that tells me you are in fact sensitive to crystal energy. Put simply, this crystal just wasn’t for you. At least not at this time. No matter what, its presence is still teaching you something, especially since you’re questioning why you felt this way towards the stone. You are examining your energy and taking note that some things feel right – and some don’t – which was a large component of what I want to teach through Chakrubs. Energy is an aspect of relationships and sexuality and we should honor what energy we allow into our lives and bodies. Green Aventurine (Indian Jade) is a stone of opportunity and luck, promotes love especially later in life, and brings a renewed zest for living. Because you felt such an aversion, I’d maybe ask if you are feeling an aversion to accepting certain opportunities – be it romantic or otherwise? If so, maybe spend some time with the Indian Jade if you want to open up to those things. Otherwise, you simply might just not resonate with that particular crystal. No biggie. When it comes to crystal healing or any type of spiritual work, I firmly believe that you have the ability to diagnose your issue by creatively adopting whatever perception you feel will bring you the best results. This is a personal journey – a spiritual journey should be completely unique to you.”

Read the rest of our O Magazine feature to learn more about Samantha’s experience trying Chakrubs and find out which crystal ended up being her favorite.

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