Creation through Insecurity: A Note from the Founder of Chakrubs Creation through Insecurity: A Note from the Founder of Chakrubs

Creation through Insecurity: A Note from the Founder of Chakrubs

When asked about conceptualizing Chakrubs, I often explain how the idea to use crystals for sex toys came about while I was living with a spiritual teacher who was heavily into energetic healing. One thing I’ve yet to mention about this story, is how that same spiritual teacher discouraged me from marketing Chakrubs as pleasure objects and advised me to release them as massage wands instead. He said not to push the “sexual use” of my products. He later told me it was smart of me not to listen to him.

I have realized that the spoken word is not a sufficient tool for sharing ideas. When you have a vision deep within you and describe it in conversation – the audience may not see exactly what you have in mind. This is why, when you have an idea, sometimes it is best kept to yourself. Let it percolate within you. Treat it as a body would a fertilized egg. Nurture it, protect it, and let it grow. Let it become what it needs to in order to be seen by others.

A person asked me recently on Instagram live how to put a product out into the world without feeling insecure. My answer: You don’t. I’ve been insecure my whole life. The difference is that I don’t let my insecurities stop me. Rather, I let them have a seat at my table. I let my insecurities speak. They encourage me to prepare and fill in gaps when needed. They allow me to remain humble. But they are not my boss, even I am not my boss. Chakrubs was created because the crystals told me it was time for them to assist with the Divine Feminine Awakening. I answer to them and my spirit guides, not my insecurities.

Spirituality is different than religion – but there are benefits to practicing your spirituality religiously. Not many of us have the time or the structures we need to remember what our values are or what we are grateful for. With Chakrubs – your arousal becomes your reminder. Every time you are feeling juicy and ready to explore your fleshy body, you are reminded of that which you are calling forward from your soul.

Take the time you need, but remember – as soon as you make the choice to evolve, you are already on the path. Nothing you do will deter you from it. When you feel you have done something against the intentions you have set forward, it is different now because you are observing yourself more closely. You can look at your missteps as a scientist formulating a method. Everything you do has purpose, and you have initiated yourself into the path to discover that purpose.

Feature Image by Brian Bruno

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