A Smoky Quartz Ritual A Smoky Quartz Ritual

A Smoky Quartz Ritual

Smoky Quartz is grounding, detoxifying, and protective. With Smoky Quartz, you become an alchemist of your own design, transmuting dirty (negative) thoughts into fertile soil for creation. 

Reach for Smoky Quartz when you feel disassociated, when you feel passive in the creation of your life, when you feel vulnerable to unaligned expectations. 

As a meditation* wand, Smoky Quartz is a brilliant ally in cleansing you, your body, and your environment from negativity or toxicity while it makes room for your dreams to manifest. Whether as an external massage friend or an internal massage confidante, this Chakrub makes your meditation* practice metaphysically charged. An ally on all fronts, this “stone of power” helps to strengthen your intuitive knowledge as you navigate the life changes required for your Higher Purpose to emerge in your life.

Here is a list of when to work with Smoky Quartz:

  • When you want to feel empowered and strengthened in your personal truth.
  • When you are ready to move forward from a difficult experience or situation.
  • When you need to clear the energy of a space, person, or self. 
  • When you want to manifest something into your life.
  • When you’re looking for clarity on what is best for your Highest Path.
  • When feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions
  • When wanting to understand yourself better and tap into your inner wisdom.

A Smoky Quartz Ritual for Detoxing from Negative Energy to Make Way for New Pathways of Growth:

In this ritual, you give gratitude to all the "dirt" within you by making love to it. It will be absorbed into the Chakrub and expelled by means of orgasm (or the highest erotic peak of your meditation* session).

  1. Set up your sacred space for your meditation* practice. Be sure you will be comfortable and uninterrupted.

  1. Laying down, hold your Smoky Quartz in front of you, citing a simple invocation to invoke its powerful energy into your ritual–something like: “Smoky Quartz, I call upon you to help me clear all that no longer serves me and make way for new pathways of growth.”

  1. Lay your Smoky Quartz down on your body, either on your chest, belly, or groin. Take deep cleansing breaths, imagining all stress and negative energy moving throughout your body into the stone. Take your time here, at least 8 deep cleansing breaths, visualizing any tension in your body and stagnant energetic debris being filtered into your stone. 

  1. If you are working with a Smoky Quartz meditation* wand, you may now use it internally, bringing yourself meditation* as you normally would. If you are working with a meditation stone, simply hold it or place it on your body. 

You may wish to imagine yourself making love to any tension or negative energy the stone has absorbed, giving gratitude for how it has served you.

  1. At your peak of meditation* (or sensation), visualize your energy eradicating all that the stone has absorbed as tiny specs of light dissipating into the space around you.

  1. Place the stone again on your body. Tell the stone with your mind or out loud you are grateful for the space it made within you and you are ready for new growth.

Important: In addition to hygienically cleansing your stone with mild soap and water, be sure to energetically cleanse your stone after this ritual with smoke, placing it near selenite, or any other method you use to cleanse your crystals.


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