What Your Sign Needs To Social Distance Comfortably What Your Sign Needs To Social Distance Comfortably

What Your Sign Needs To Social Distance Comfortably

It’s hard to believe that we’re entering our fourth consecutive month of social distancing. In March when COVID-19 was deemed a global pandemic, few of us could have predicted that we’d be spending our summer (and possibly our fall) seasons indoors. Although it’s frustrating and many of us are struggling, we must remain centered in the fact that these minor inconveniences are necessary in order to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe.

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that we should remain flexible as conditions around this virus are subject to change with little notice. With that in mind, we must arm ourselves with the self-knowledge of how we can best nurture ourselves through this crisis. To assist with this, here are some suggestions for what your zodiac sign needs to social distance comfortably:

*Read your sun, moon, and rising signs if you know them


As the sign that begins the zodiacal wheel, Aries excels at initiating and leading the charge. This cardinal fire sign might feel stifled by social distancing orders and overflowing with pent up energy. Channel this take-charge energy and task yourself with organizing virtual meet ups and socially distant gatherings. Consider your passions and think about how they can be adapted to our current climate. That might mean organizing an online workshop that puts you in the leadership role you desire while also offering connection with others.


Ruled by Venus, Taurus knows that comfort is queen (or king). Your biggest quarantine annoyance might be that you’re no longer able to indulge in everyday luxuries like expensive brunch dates, massages, and fresh sets of nails. One option could be to take on the task of learning a new skill set that can be added to self-care routines, such as how to do a professional pedicure. Those who prefer a more relaxing activity can pamper themselves by adding additional steps to their evening skincare routines, like using Chakrubs hand-dyed maplewood gua shas for facial massage and lymphatic drainage.


As a mutable air sign that thrives off mental stimulation, Gemini is likely going a little stir crazy. While it’s not advised to meet up with friends, you might find it helpful to create a quaranteam, or a group of friends who you’ve determined they feel safe meeting up with occasionally. Joining a book club or arranging unique Zoom dates (think karaoke or watch parties paired with drinking games) might make meeting virtually a little more exciting. Your sign can get a bit scattered when overwhelmed and a project like cleaning out your closet and donating items you no longer use is one way to alleviate stress.


As a cardinal water sign that can be a bit of a homebody, Cancer might be the most amenable to our extended lockdown. After an eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in your sign, you’re probably in need of extended rest and recuperation. Your sign rules the chest, breasts, and stomach, so nourishing yourself with food and being present during meal times can be a simple and powerful way to come home to yourself. Consider experimenting with new recipes or purchasing a new kitchen tool to reinvigorate your excitement around cooking.


Ruled by the sun and approaching their birthday season, Leo is likely not too excited about the idea of celebrating indoors and away from friends. Combat this frustration by taking this as an opportunity to celebrate yourself. Sunbathing is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and recharge your spirit. As you lie under the sun’s invigorating rays, affirm that it is shining for you and illuminating all of your magic. Keep fresh sunflowers in the home to invoke optimistic energy and infuse beauty into your space. Show up for Zoom calls or take neighborhood walks in your most flamboyant and expressive outfits.


Virgo is the friend who talks us down when we’re tempted to break social distancing guidelines. You understand the role you play in helping others remain safe and your biggest complaint about our extended lockdown is probably boredom. Affirm this as a powerful time to create boundaries around your productivity and develop your non-work personality. A good journal prompt for this period is: Who am I outside of work and how can I strengthen connection with that self? Raising plants or starting a garden could be a healthy outlet for your nurturing energy and a project that you can track throughout social distancing.


Ruled by Venus, Libra is a creative air sign that seeks to infuse beauty and balance into all they do. You’re likely to be feeling the stress of social isolation and like Gemini, might find it beneficial to identify a quaranteam for occasional IRL meetups. If you’re feeling bored with your environment, try rearranging furniture or redecorating your space to break up any stagnant energy that’s lingering in the home and turn it into a relaxing sanctuary. Identify the parts of your home that you’re not completely satisfied with and then explore Pinterest or other sites for easy DIY ideas to help you revamp your space.


As a fixed water sign that deals in uncomfortable topics like death, sex, and power, Scorpio might be the least fussed about our extended shutdown. This is a sign that understands that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. You can act against quarantine blues by treating this time as a personal metamorphosis that requires self-inquiry and accountability. Sex magic with Chakrubs can be a powerful method for calling in the future you hope to manifest. Take your practice deeper with Vanessa Cuccia’s book Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure or The Chakrubs Method or The Chakrubs Method for Yoni Eggs workbooks.


For Sagittarius, the key to maximizing their time spent indoors will be their ability to reimagine adventure. One option would be to further your learning in a free online course offered by platforms like Coursera and Edx. Although your international travel plans might be on hold, you can live vicariously through your online classmates who are located all over the world. Another fun quarantine activity would be to explore your own backyard by looking up local hiking trails or little-known tourist spots near your home.


As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn loves a challenge and might be feeling frustrated as the world around them slows down. One way to resolve this frustration would be to give yourself a personal challenge, the more ambitious the better. If you’re looking to get physical, that might mean training for a marathon or learning to roller skate, skateboard, hula hoop, or paddle board. If a mental challenge is what you’re seeking, start a 1,000-piece puzzle or challenging crossword. It’s easy for you to become single-minded about your goals so make sure you’re taking breaks and resting when appropriate.


A fixed air sign with humanitarian values, Aquarius won’t need much convincing to follow social distancing guidelines. In fact, one way you can occupy yourself during this time is by staying up-to-date on COVID research and making sure your community is properly informed. Just make sure you’re setting boundaries around how you engage with internet trolls. When you need a break from COVID, entertain yourself by researching your favorite conspiracy theories or skygazing for UFOs. Volunteering with local organizations is one way to give back while satiating your need for social interaction.


Ruled by spacey and spiritual Neptune, Pisces can combat quarantine by diving into a new art form or intentionally deepening their spirituality through art. If you’re a photographer, pick up a paintbrush. If you’re a writer, try hand-building with clay. If you’re a painter, try calligraphy. Pick up The Artist’s Way and commit to trying the 12-week program. Imagine that you are communicating with your higher self or the Universe through your art and attempt to decipher their response in the final product. There are endless options for stretching your comfort zone through art.

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