Sun Salutations for Growth Sun Salutations for Growth

Sun Salutations for Growth

We often forget what a vitalizing force the sun can be. As little as fifteen minutes of sunlight per day can provide us with our daily dose of Vitamin D, boost our immune systems, and improve our moods.

This sun salutations ritual is a great way to give gratitude to the light that guides our waking lives and will help you recognize the ways in which you are growing.

Time commitment: 15-20 minutes

Items needed:

Journal and pen

Yellow, orange, or red stone

Yoga mat

To begin, find a place in your home or outside where you will not be disturbed. If you are inside, find a spot where you are facing the sun (east if earlier in the day, west if later in the day). If you are doing this ritual outside, it will likely be uncomfortable to face the sun, but might feel good to have your back to the sun so that you can feel its warmth. Be sure to wear sunscreen if you do this ritual outdoors.

Place your crystal at the top center of the your mat. Stand about a foot from the top of your mat with your feet shoulder width apart. If it is not comfortable for you to stand for an extended period of time, you might try doing this ritual lying down in corpse pose (savasana) with the crystal above your head.

Begin to tune into your breath and how your body feels right now. If you have a practice of ujjayi breath, you can start to shift your breath to this pattern, breathing in and out through the nose while the throat is slightly constricted, similar to if you were sucking on a straw. The sound of this breath is similar to a gentle ocean roar.

Once you have settled into the space, assume Mountain Pose (tadasana). Let your hands meet in front of your heart and imagine roots drawing down from your feet to connect with the earth. Know that you are supported and that this practice is entirely your own. Feel how the sun brings warmth to your skin and let its energy invigorate you. As your mind clears, see if an intention comes through.

If you have a regular yoga practice, you might like to do a simple vinyasa flow to bring additional heat into the body. Here’s an illustrated step-by-step guide.

If you prefer to skip the other poses, you can remain in mountain or corpse pose for the duration of this ritual. Think of it as a meditation where you are allowing the sun to revitalize you. In astrology, the sun represents our personality and ego, along with healthy masculine traits such as reason, action, confidence, and strength. Imagine these qualities becoming stronger, maybe even glowing as you absorb the sun’s light. Consciously shed all energies or beliefs that are not your own so that your true self can come through with more clarity.

After ten minutes, pick up the crystal at the front of your mat and hold it in your palm like an offering. Like you, this crystal has been infused with solar energy and can act as a talisman, helping you call upon the power of Helios whenever you need.

Next, flip to an empty page in your journal and draw a large stem and bulb, a flower without petals. Spend a few minutes thinking about your personal growth and how you are evolving. Draw a petal and write within it an affirmation of your growth. It could be something like, “I’m growing more patient” or “I’m becoming more kind.” Continue drawing petals and filling them in with declarations of your progress until you have a beautifully bloomed flower. Revisit this sheet whenever you are doubting how far you’ve come and need a reminder of all that you are becoming.

Feature Image of Djassi Johnson by Massimiliano Pappa

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