Nourishing the Chakra System Nourishing the Chakra System

Nourishing the Chakra System

The body is our constant ally in this lifetime and apart from getting us from point A to point B, it contains wisdom about the unique gifts we have to share with the world. This wisdom is harnessed not by force, but through gentle receptivity and prioritizing the body’s needs.

The chakra system refers to the seven main energy centers that run along the spine, with each one governing different organs, body parts, and emotions. We all experience each chakra differently, with some being easier to tap into and others presenting more resistance. This ritual includes a body scan meditation to identify overactive or blocked chakras as well as methods for nourishing the chakra system so that it runs smoothly. When we’re balanced and in flow, we are in the best position possible to live in our purpose.

Items needed:

Seven small mason jars with water

Chakrubs Chakra Stone set or seven stones to align with each chakra (more details below)

Optional items:

Red, blue, and yellow food dyes

To begin, set up a relaxing space where you will not be disturbed. I recommend playing Chakrubs’ Vection playlist or your favorite meditation soundtrack in the background.

You’ll begin this ritual lying down, but you might want to first place crystals on each of your chakras to help clear blockages. For the root chakra, place a red or black crystal under your sit bones or at the base of your pelvis. For the sacral chakra, place a dark or orange-hued crystal like tiger’s eye or pyrite a couple inches below the belly button. Place a yellow crystal a couple inches above the belly button for your solar plexus chakra. Use a green or pink crystal at your heart center to resonate with the heart chakra. A blue crystal can be placed at the center of your throat. Clear, purple, or white crystals can be placed between the brows to connect with the third eye chakra and similar hued crystals can be placed right above the head where the crown chakra resides. Check out Chakrubs different chakra stone sets (here and here) to get an idea of different stones to use.

Once you’ve arranged all of your crystals, settle into the space by taking a few deep breaths. Tune into your body and how it feels. Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort? You might try elevating the knees slightly with a pillow.

Next, hover or place your hands at your hip bones so that your thumb and pointer fingers are making a loose diamond shape. Tune into the energy beneath your hands and begin to visualize a red spinning wheel. Intuitively, how does it feel to linger on this area of the body? The root chakra is located at the base of our spine and rules over our basic needs, sense of security, safety, and groundedness. Many of us hold trauma in this area. Notice whether this area feels over- or under-active. Is the wheel spinning fast or slow?

After a few minutes or whenever it feels right, move your hands so that they make a loose diamond right below the belly button where your sacral chakra is. The sacral chakra rules over our desires, creativity, and self-worth. Once again, concentrate on how it feels to spend time here. Visualize a spinning orange wheel and notice whether its motion is steady or unstable.

Continue this exercise up the body, holding the same diamond shape and picturing a yellow spinning wheel for the sacral chakra at the center of your stomach while you sense the energy of that space. You’ll visualize a green spinning wheel for the heart chakra located at the middle of your breast plate, a blue wheel for the throat chakra at your throat, an indigo wheel for your third eye chakra between your eyebrows, and a violet wheel for the crown chakra that spins just above your head. Do this without judgment, simply taking note of where you feel empowered and where you feel stifled in your body. Click here for an overview of the chakra system with each chakra’s functions.

When you’re done, take a few minutes to clear your mind and recenter. Send every part of yourself love.

Next, you will take the seven mason jars and fill them all with filtered water. Label each jar so that it corresponds to a different chakra. Depending on how your chakras felt and how many jars you have, you can create jars for the chakras that felt most in need of nourishment. This is where the food dye comes in, to better help you distinguish between the jars and tune into each chakra’s color energy. Mix red, blue, and green dyes to make the different colors for each chakra. Put the jars in a safe place where they will not be disturbed and place each crystal on top of the appropriate jar to infuse its energy into the water.

Over the next month, you can treat the water in these jars as an anointing oil, dabbing your wrists, neck, or temples with the crystal/chakra water that you’re most in need of. Let this be an ongoing lesson that you are capable of restoring yourself to optimum health.

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