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Nurturing Creativity With Your Moon Cycle

The Moon culminates in fullness every single month, going through her phases predictably since the beginning of time as we know it. Yet, the themes La Luna illuminates are mysterious until the very moment they’re felt, not unlike the “AHA!” moments creatives are hopeful for when manifesting inspiration.

The spiritual community is fond of the saying “As Above, So Below” to relate the planetary bodies to our Earthly realm. So why not follow the Moon’s cycles as we follow our own bodies— as a way to connect with and truly practice our creativity?

If we learn to embrace the way the Moon waxes and wanes, like our own feminine vessels, it might just become our most reliable muse.


The Womb – Moon Connection

The Moon rules our emotions, and the best art, be it dance, painting, or poetry, stirs them up. Sometimes it’s a song that reminds you of a gut wrenching breakup, other times it’s an essay that makes you laugh till tears are streaming down your face.

The Moon is the planet responsible for the feelings that create art, as well as the feelings the creations then elicit. Like any lunation cycle, creativity always comes full circle. Knowing if you are a “Red Moon” creative or a “White Moon” creative can help you access your creativity in a deeper and more consistent way as you learn to work with the moon’s cycle.


Red Moon vs White Moon Cycles

The Moon operates in a predictable monthly cycle, just like the menstrual cycle. The Lunar Phase Cycle (New Moon to New Moon) takes about 29 days, similar to the menstrual cycle. Writing this timing off as a “coincidence” would only serve to miss a beautiful, creative opportunity.

The terms “Red Moon” and “White Moon” are used to describe the two main ways a menstrual cycle can match with the moon’s cycle through the events of ovulation and bleeding.

The White Moon is the more common of the two, and is associated with the New Moon. You bleed with the New Moon, and ovulate with the Full Moon. This is said to be the “Mother” cycle, meaning that you could be in that mothering, nurturing, and stable stage of your life. You might be trying to get pregnant, or be busy raising children.

For your creativity, that means that you’re likely to be resting and recharging with the New Moon. It’s a more passive phase where you might be daydreaming about new creative ideas, but not ready to actively pursue them yet. Come the Full Moon, plan to be more energized and ready to put your artistic plans into action.

The Red Moon, on the other hand, is the less common of the two cycles and relates to bleeding with the Full Moon, and ovulating with the New Moon. Those who bled with the Full Moon were known as the witches and mystics of ancient societies.

If you bleed on the Full Moon, you’re less focused on the idea of children and inner directed creativity (or birth) and much more focused on externalizing your sacred feminine power. You’re likely in a power position in your community, and perhaps spiritually inclined to share your gifts through work and business.

Creativity for you, is about resting come the Full Moon. During the New Moon, while the sky is dark, you’re extremely busy creating and launching new projects. Once the Moon is Full again, you’ve seen your new venture play out, and it’s shining brightly for the world to see. That is also coincidentally the time for you to rest and allow the fruits of your labor to fully land.

As you can see, we don’t have to wait on inspiration to strike us like a bolt of lightning. We can actually schedule our creative ventures to align with, honor, and nurture our own natural rhythms. If you find yourself in a creative rut, simply look to the Moon and your own womb, for guidance.


Image by Jenny Sotelo


Erin Frye
Erin Frye is an intuitive writer, astrologer and Tarot reader. She believes magic is around every corner if we’re open to co-creating with the Universe. Through her business, TBH Magic, she shines a light on the signs and symbols she receives and translates through her psychic abilities. If you’re looking for a safe space to explore and develop your own spiritual gifts, connect with Erin @tbhmagic on Instagram or www.tbhmagic.com to book a reading.

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