Kirtan Kriya for Balancing Moon Centers Kirtan Kriya for Balancing Moon Centers

Kirtan Kriya for Balancing Moon Centers

Every so often I start seeing women in this group ask about how to heal sexual wounds, remove an ex from their energy field or clear a variety of emotions.

This is what I use and recommend to all women. Though, if you are pregnant you may want to consult with a midwife or doctor beforehand.

Kirtan Kriya for Balancing Moon Centers

Kirtan Kriya is considered the highest meditation for a woman. Aside from numerous other benefits, this Kriya (or complete action) helps to clear the aura from past partners and accelerates the healing process related to negative relationship experiences. It gives a woman a brilliant internal radiance. It stimulates your pituitary and pineal glands which makes you calm and balanced despite what current circumstances in your life might be.

The mantra for Kirtan Kriya is Saa Taa Naa Maa is called Panj Shabd or five sounds, which represent the wheel of life.

Saa – Infinity, cosmos, beginning, birth
Taa – life, experience
Naa – death, totality, transition
Maa – rebirth, renewal

This particular version of Kirtan Kriya is for women only. Mentally chanting the mantra in the belly position with your chin on the floor balances your Moon Centers.

lie on your stomach, placing chin on the floor
your head is straight
arms alongside your body, palms facing up

Closed, focused on a 3d eye (point between your brows)

Hand position:
Mentally chant mantra, pressing together
Index and thumb fingers on sound Saa
Middle and thumb fingers on sound Taa
Ring and thumb fingers on Naa
Pinkie and thumb on Maa

Press the fingers firmly enough to feel the pressure. As you chant mentally, visualize every sounds as if entering from the crown of your head and exiting through the third eye forming ‘L’ shape.

Time: 3, 11 or 31 min

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