I Healed That: A Mantra for Recognizing Growth I Healed That: A Mantra for Recognizing Growth

I Healed That: A Mantra for Recognizing Growth

Chakrubs was never solely about a product. I wanted to encourage people to feel empowered to state, “I am healing.” Doing so shows that you are acknowledging an area of your life that requires attention in order to grow and displays vulnerability by allowing the self to have valuable presence without perfection.

I think about the word healing often. Obviously it is an integral part of the brand: “crystal healing” being a pillar of what occurs when practicing with a Chakrub and part of the title of my book, “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure.” But even though I sell products to facilitate this growth, the core lesson I’ve tried to convey is that you don’t *need* anything outside of yourself to engage in healing. That which you seek is already within you, Chakrubs are merely a tool created with the purpose of helping you touch that which is within you.

I knew that I didn’t necessarily need anything outside of myself to heal from the [censored] and emotional harm I had endured, but I also knew that I had an affinity towards tools – I am earthy and soulfully materialistic – I enjoy holding things with different textures that enhance my experience. I am a human being who wants to indulge in being human.

My business expands as I expand through my personal practice with my Chakrub products. Since Chakrubs launched in 2011, I’ve encouraged my customers and community to feel empowered to say “I am healing,” as that is what empowered me for the past six years or so.

Now, however, I have reached a new point in my journey and so I want to encourage a new phrase to guide us which is, “I HEALED THAT” or simply, “I HEALED.” There may always be something that we sense needs acknowledgement from our past and that we can spend time healing, but what I feel so strongly about now is that we must honor the parts of ourselves that we have already healed. It can be as simple as “I healed the part of myself that is afraid to dine alone” to something as intense as “I healed my relationship with my father” or even, “I healed my fear of spiders.” What’s important here is that we recognize the work that we have already accomplished and speak of it proudly to bring a sense of permission to those around us who want to do the same. There is something you’ve already healed. I want you to reflect on what that is and wear it like a badge of honor. Let people know. Say it as a new battle cry. Your victory. “I HEALED THAT.” Sing it. You’re there.


Sit comfortably in a place where you won’t be interrupted for at least fifteen minutes.

Take nine deep, cleansing breaths.

Start to imagine an image of yourself above and in front of you.

Imagine the details. What are you wearing? What is your hair like?

Visualize a bright, warm golden or white light around this image.

Bow your head and place your hands on your heart.

Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Place your hands on your belly.

Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Place your hands back on your heart.

You are going to ask the image of yourself a question three times.

After the last time you ask this question, you are going to sit and listen for the answer.

The answer may come in the form of words, a sensation, an image, or silence. Whatever it is – this is the message for you.

Ask the image of yourself, “What have I healed?”

What Have I Healed?

What Have I Healed?

What Have I Healed?


Integrate the message into your body with another deep breath.

Raise your head and visualize the image you’ve created for yourself unifying with your body.

Take three more deep, cleansing breaths.

Photos by Brian Bruno

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