Curating Your Sensual Aesthetic: A Chakrubs Ritual for Libra Season Curating Your Sensual Aesthetic: A Chakrubs Ritual for Libra Season

Curating Your Sensual Aesthetic: A Chakrubs Ritual for Libra Season

Think about the last time you were intimate with yourself or with a partner. How much of the experience did you curate? For example, did you dress a certain way to invite arousal, did you light candles, or pick a playlist to set the mood? Or maybe your style is more spontaneous, and you surrendered to the moment in the heat of passion. Maybe it’s been a long time since you experienced physical intimacy.

In the embrace of Libra season, we find ourselves swayed by its Venusian charm—sensuality, balance, and an intrinsic gravitation toward beauty. In this exercise, we are going to treat our sensual lives as an art project and create a mood board of how we want our sensual lives to look and feel.

For this ritual, we are going to take a cue from the energy of Libra, to craft our sensual lives through the power of aesthetic. By deciding how we want this aspect to “look,” we can also identify how we want it to “feel.”

Libra is fun and flirtatious. As an air sign, don't worry about staying in the identity of one aesthetic forever. This exercise should be fun.

  1. Discover Your Sensual Vocabulary: Reflect on the words that resonate with your intimate self. Consider:
  • Intensity & Passion: Fiery, Intense, Wild, Raw, Electric.
  • Emotional Tone: Romantic, Gentle, Warm, Whimsical.
  • Spiritual Essence: Spiritual, Mystical, Centered, Divine.
  • Adventure & Curiosity: Adventurous, Free, Playful, Daring.
  • Expression & Feel: Expressive, Soft, Seductive, Artistic.
  • Comfort & Safety: Comfortable, Tender, Serene, Safe.
  • Joy & Laughter: Delightful, Humorous, Joyful, Lighthearted.

From these, select a few that truly speak to your sensual self. Remember, this is an evolving process—much like our own sensibilities change with time. Write 3-5 of these words on top of a piece of paper, or title a Pinterest board with these words. For example, “FIERY, SPIRITUAL, & SAFE: MY SENSUAL AESTHETIC MOOD BOARD” 

  1. Visualize Your Sensual Landscape: Imagine the environment that best compliments your chosen aesthetic. It could be as ethereal as a moonlit beach or as tangible as your own bedroom adorned with silken drapes and candles. Consider the colors, scents, and sounds that fill this space. Write down as many descriptor words for this, or add images that match to your pinterest board.
  2. Dressing the Part: What does your sensual self wear? It might be lingerie, nothing but jewels, or perhaps nude. What about your partner(s)? Again, write down as many descriptor words for this, or add images that match to your pinterest board.
  3. Soundtrack: What is the soundtrack to your sensual life we are exploring? Do you hear classical piano, or tribal drum beats? Create a playlist that embodies the mood. 
  4. Scripting Intimacy: Scripting isn't about planning, but more about understanding your desires and giving them a voice. What words or phrases set the tone for your sensual encounters? What would you like to say or hear before, during, and after intimate moments? Write these down on a piece of paper. 
  5. Chakrub Manifest: Place your chakrub on the piece of paper where you’ve written or in front of your computer where you’ve made your Pinterest board. Let it stay there overnight to imbue the energy within the crystal. The next day, practice with your chakrub and visualize your aesthetic coming to life. 
  6. Optional: Play with the different elements of your sensual aesthetic throughout your life, even when not in intimate moments. For example, if your sensual aesthetic is wearing lace lingerie, incorporate lace into your wardrobe.


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