Black Girl Magik Reviews Chakrubs Black Girl Magik Reviews Chakrubs

Black Girl Magik Reviews Chakrubs

We teamed up with the Collective Black Girl Magik to host a community event surrounding the theme of Reclaiming Pleasure. The women of Black Girl Magik also took home Chakrubs products, and now a few months later – have written beautiful reviews of their experiences bonding with their Chakrubs. Read the reviews here!


As a collective and community, we recently explored “Reclaiming Pleasure” — “Reclaiming Pleasure” is the assertion of sexual power, alongside a period of recovery. It is a Black woman finding strength in her sensuality and grounding autonomy in the realms of pleasure and desire. It is the rejection of standards set on our ancestors and the distinction between agency and objectification.

After wrapping up our event, An Ode to Sensual Agency, we had the opportunity to use Chakrubs and wanted to share our experience with the community!

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