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A Guide to Fully Feeling Your Orgasms

When we orgasm, most of us only experience a fraction of the pleasure and sensation that our bodies are capable of receiving. By learning how to practice more intention and awareness around how orgasm builds and releases, your body can experience deeper, fuller sensations during climax.

The definition of orgasm can be simplified to mean a release of energy through pleasurable sensation in the body. When most think of orgasm, the experience that comes to mind is a clear, peaking clitoral orgasm, or a full ejaculating climax. In this guide, we will be exploring orgasm to include both those incredible experiences and all of the various full-body, energetic, emotional and internal orgasms that our bodies are capable of creating as well.

The connection between orgasm and sexual energy

Sexual energy is the energy that builds inside your body as you become aroused and eventually build to orgasm. This energy circulates in the body, following the path of the chakra system. You can visualize its home based in your genital or sacral area. When activated, it moves up the front of the body, through the belly, chest, and to the head, and then back down again, almost in a circular shape.

Activated and flowing sexual energy can be extremely healing for all systems and functions of the body. The release of sexual energy through orgasm releases an incredible cocktail of hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and even serotonin. This energy is also phenomenal at clearing blockages in the body and throughout the chakra system. This is why it’s so beneficial to open to receiving the full power and sensation of an orgasm.

Build Up

This is the stage of orgasm where your body is just starting to get warmed up. Whether you’re pleasuring alone or with a partner, most of us are familiar with the sensations and cues that arise during this stage in the process. Our body will start to receive those familiar signals that “something is building” as sensation becomes more and more potent under touch.

In order to let in the maximum amount of sensation during this stage of the process, visualization can be used to tune in deeper with the body. Visualize the flow of sexual energy rising and falling within you as you feel the different sensations arising within your body. You can almost breathe in while a sensation is rising to make it last longer and strengthen it. This is a method that gives you more control for building a deeper orgasm as well as getting there faster if you so choose to.

Continue breathing full belly breaths as the sensations grow stronger in your body. Even when you are nearing the peak and the intensity is growing, your breath and visualization is what will allow you to fully expand under the energy growing inside of you.


When the climax comes, let go but don’t disconnect. Visualize the energy moving up from your genitals and then imagine the power of its thrust and explosion taking over your entire body.

The key is to keep your jaw completely relaxed and while still keeping an awareness of your breath inside the belly. Your loose jaw will allow you to moan and scream freely and naturally.

The focus of the breath coming from your belly will deepen the waves of the orgasm rolling through your entire abdomen— rather than experiencing just one shallow release and then coming down.



The come down is arguably the most important part of the entire process. At this stage, many of us hold a habit of rushing back to life, rolling over, or trying to quickly force another orgasm out of our bodies.

Instead, when the peak of intensity has subsided, your breath plays a vital role in soaking up the full benefits of the activated sexual energy circulating your body. You likely will still feel tingles of sensation and energy moving through your body post climax. Tune into those feelings and take deep breaths, rooted from your genitals. Move the incredible healing energy up through your body as high as you can, and then let it release back down.

As you do this, you may notice some surprisingly intense feelings arising, almost as if you are about to climax again. Try your best to relax and surrender to these sensations. Soak in and open to as much sensation as you can. The more you do this, the more intensity and pleasure your body will be able to hold the next time you orgasm.


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Julianna Carbonare
Julianna is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Chakrubs and the Lead Copy Editor for Freque Magazine.

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