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5 Ways To Tap Into Energetic Openness

Energetic awareness is one of the most underrated practices for self-growth and happiness. When we are able to tune into our energy regularly and react accordingly, we are able to be at harmony with life and ourselves.

Many of us live our day to day lives in an energetically closed state of being. We are stuck in our minds, rather than dropped into our bodies. And often in our minds we are in a loop of repeating low vibrational thoughts, stories, and patterns.

To live a life of energetic openness takes courage, strength, and responsibility. Being open means we are trusting the process of life in tandem with our own ability to hold our boundaries as we navigate the world and frequencies around us.

With regular practice, you can learn how to tap into your personal frequency of energetic openness. And with time, you can learn how to live more of your life from this sweet, open place where abundance, opportunity, and love flows in and out of you. Here are five simple practices to tapping into energetic openness:


Slow movement

In the modern world where so many of us lead sedentary lives, movement truly is a form of medicine. Movement allows for our minds and bodies to sync up— an innate form of meditation. By regularly practicing movement where you are slow and fully present, you are able to open your energetic body. Have you ever noticed the lightness and bliss you feel after a yoga class or satisfying walk? With regular intentional, slow movement you are giving yourself the opportunity to tune into and emit that energy for the majority of your day.

Some great examples of slow movement would be:

– An intuitive stretch session

– Dancing alone to grounding music

– Walking outside for at least half an hour

– Lifting weights really focusing the activation of your muscles



Hands-on creation

Hands on work is often an immediate transport into a flow state and presence. The art of working with hands is rewarding, requires complete focus, and allows us to release the dimensions of time. Our energetic focus moves from primarily in our mind to back inside our bodies. Incorporating some form of hands-on work or creation into your weekly routine or even daily life will have a profound effect on your energetic emissions.

Some examples of hands-on creation would be:

– Cooking a meal from scratch with very earthly ingredients

– Wheel throwing or pottery making

– Woodwork

– Sculpture work

– Jewelry making

– Candle making


Eye contact

Human to human connection is a necessary but often neglected part of energy work. When we intentionally lock eyes with another, we are exchanging energy. Never underestimate the power of slowing down to lock eyes with someone you love or a stranger with a beautiful frequency. Eye contact has the power to transform your entire energetic vibration for the day. With eye contact, it is important to be able to uphold your energetic boundaries in the case of someone carrying a lower or misaligned vibration. But in most cases, locking eyes with the cashier handing over your purchase, or the stranger holding the door open for you is a profound action towards creating a day of energetic openness.

Here are some other examples of powerful eye contact opportunities:

– Whenever you thank somebody for something, make eye contact and try to thank them with your eyes as well.

– Take a breath and lock eyes with anyone who is serving you or tending towards your needs in a given situation.

– Take a moment to lock eyes with your lover daily and send each other loving energy through your gazes.

– When meeting with a friend or coworker, slow down, really listen to what they’re saying, and give them your full, soft gaze and presence.


People watching

If eye contact feels too intimidating for you at this stage, don’t underestimate the power of sitting in the presence of people. If you have spent a lot of time alone, or feel like you are really needing the energy of others, people watching is an excellent way to soak up and reopen yourself to the bustling energy of life. It is often in these intentional moments of sitting amongst the movement of others that some of my best creative ideas come to me.

This is how you can set yourself up for a session of charging your energy amongst people:

– Set an intentional time and place where you plan to sit and observe others.

– Ideally pick a place that you know gets a lot of foot traffic, or receives a lot of beautiful, interesting people.

– Bring a journal and pen if it serves you, but for the most part try to stay unplugged.

– Sit back and enjoy the movement of the world around you. It can feel uncomfortable and exposing at first, sitting without any distraction, but this is an excellent practice for growing comfortable with your own energy and allowing it to open in front of others.


Sexual expression

Last but not least, we have one of the most powerful ways for opening energy through the path of the body. Not all sex is created equal and sex will inevitably have its ups and downs. But you know a powerful sex or pleasure session when you have one. The kind where your energetic body feels blown open in a wonderful way and you are at one with life. If you can get yourself into the headspace and bodyspace to have a raw, free, and open sexual experience (either by yourself or a partner), this is a wonderful way to tap into your open frequency on a regular basis.



Julianna Carbonare
Julianna is the Assistant Director of Marketing at Chakrubs and the Lead Copywriter for Freque Magazine.

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