Your Venus Sign Explains How You Fall in Love Your Venus Sign Explains How You Fall in Love

Your Venus Sign Explains How You Fall in Love

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and when it comes to astrology, our Venus placements shed light on our patterns as we fall in love. 

Do you dive into love fast and often? Is your passion a slow-burning candle? Do you resist commitment and prefer casual love affairs? Venus can illuminate it all, and when we become conscious of Venus's role in our love life, we can date with mindful empowerment.


Venus in Aries — 

Aries represents the child in the zodiac, and as such, Aries in Venus can be impulsive with love. This is a strength; you have a deep connection to what brings you pleasure. It also means that your journey with love will help you develop your inner parent, a mature voice in your head that helps you support yourself. Try finding a lover who enjoys delayed gratification. This will be a sensual balance. You can lure them, her, or him with your lusty intuition while your lover teaches you the titillating joy of resisting temptation (temporarily). Remember: the key to your heart is not suppressing your desires. It’s finding ways to celebrate pleasure as a strength.


Venus in Taurus — 

The astrology sign Taurus is ruled by Venus, making this a powerful placement. A Venus in Taurus placement will want to be romanced with gifts and acts of service because they are turned on by dependable people. This doesn’t mean a Taurus Venus will prefer monogamy. A polyamorous love can be very fulfilling as long as all their lovers follow up their words with actions. Search for people who can read your social cues and understand what makes you feel cherished. Feeling secure with a lover is erotic and romantic, and when you know you can rely on a lover, your heart chakra will sing.


Venus in Gemini — 

“Stimulate my mind!”, shouts Venus in Gemini. The way to your heart is thought-provoking conversation and quality time. Gemini is ruled by the third house, which represents communication and problem-solving. As such, you will likely be attracted to independent people with a fast-paced lifestyle. This is because the way people live and perceive their world fascinates you. Curiosity is the name of the game, and any lover who captures your heart will also have to capture your mind. In fact, a Gemini Venus may prefer open relationships as they give you the ability to analyze different minds, ideas, and people. 


Venus in Cancer — 

Watch out for codependent patterns. Venus in Cancer will prefer to play a nurturing role in a relationship, which means this placement can experience burnout without the proper boundaries. It is also common for Cancer in Venus to fall in love quickly. This emotional depth is a strength; you can use love to evolve into your highest self. We often forget that the qualities we appreciate in others are noticeable because we have those qualities ourselves. Write down what you adore in the people you love and realize that you also bring these strengths to the table. This mindfulness practice can build your self-esteem and sovereignty, allowing you to love deeply without depending on a relationship or a person to fulfill you.


Venus in Leo — 

Venus in Leo can be a superficial placement, meaning that you’re drawn to physical beauty, affluent clothing, and other symbols of status or luxury. This isn’t a bad thing. Luxury goods are often well made, long-lasting, and provide substance. Embrace what you like and accept the things that bring you pleasure. Accepting superficial tendencies can help you discern valuable gold from flimsy glitter. You will recognize that you’re attracted to your lover (at first) because of their flashy job or car. This clarity can give you the space to ask important follow-up questions. Is my lover reliable? Do they, she, or he have my back? Are we emotionally compatible? Loyalty is next to godliness for a Leo. As a Leo in Venus, your capacity for devotion is deep. Just be sure the people you love deserve your attention.


Venus in Virgo — 

It is a fallacy that Virgo is represented by a virgin. For over 3,000 years, Virgo was recognized as a fertility goddess. In 16th century Europe, her story harshly transitioned from a goddess to a virgin (patriarchy, much?). I share this because Virgo is one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, but she hardly gets credit for her lusty potential! If you have a Venus in Virgo step into your goddess energy. It is likely that touch is a prominent love language and that you have healing hands. Additionally, Virgo is ruled by the digestive system, meaning that you have strong gut instincts about love and lust. Trust your process, and be sure to take a bath or shower after seeing a lover. This will cleanse the energy you soak up through your love of touch.


Venus in Libra — 

Libra in Venus may have an obsession with love, to the point where romance is a part of your identity. Being a Libra placement, recognize that your hunt for love is actually a search for balance. If you get overwhelmed by your quest for romantic harmony, you are out of alignment with yourself. Make a practice of participating in solo pleasures or finding platonic ways to satiate your need for connection. As you hang out with yourself, you may feel a sense of urgency to find love before it’s too late; ignore this fraudulent fear. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, so you are destined for romantic greatness. Focus on learning how to receive love and recognize that true balance is achieved in yourself, regardless of your relationship status.


Venus in Scorpio — 

It’s time to go deep and learn your lover’s secrets. Venus in Scorpio will be bored with superficial displays of affection and small talk. Quality time, acts of service, and meaningful conversation will capture your heart. Likewise, you’ll appreciate assertiveness as you aren’t afraid to chase your desires. Be wary of people who call you intimidating, this is likely someone who is not compatible with your intense nature and doesn’t understand your intuition about pleasure. Taking your time is key, as Scorpio in Venus can easily overdose on lust and commit to a relationship too quickly. 


Venus in Sagittarius — 

Pleasure is second nature to you, so it’s vital that you slow down and check-in with yourself often. Sagittarius is a light-hearted fire sign, making you the perfect combination of friendly and passionate. Don’t be afraid to indulge in the pleasures you love so much! Just be sure your affinity towards lust and fun doesn’t bulldoze your capacity to love. You may have trouble being alone, and tackling this insecurity will help you find the love you desire. Try blocking off one evening a week where you do not socialize or go out. Additionally, explore open relationships or polyamory. This placement can find ethical non-monogamy very rewarding.


Venus in Capricorn —

Capricorn’s tend to be realists, preferring facts to fiction and action instead of dreams. This grounded approach balances Venus, a planet that dares you to fantasize about desire. Your ideal romance is long-term with a strong foundation of friendship. Just be careful that your standards are not too high. This is a common pitfall for Capricorn in Venus. You judge a book by its cover and dismiss people before you know them. Relationships are like medicine, and we attract what we need to move on to the next level of life. Whether your lover is in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, they are helping you. Be open to connection and love will surprise you in profound ways. 


Venus in Aquarius — 

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, and these Venus placements look for a lover that can heal wounds, break boundaries, and expand ideas. As such, Aquarius Venus can easily attract people with a god complex. Be aware that some people wish to help the world, while others wish to be the world. As you date, notice the difference. An Aquarius in Venus will have an open heart and fluid mindset about dating. Do not let someone take advantage of this by coaxing you into a situation you do not prefer (like being monogamous when you want to be polyamorous) and watch out for leaders with selfish intentions. Just because you have a generous heart does not mean you need to be open to every possibility. You are allowed to have standards, too.


Venus in Pisces — 

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, and a Pisces in Venus can take this one step further: you are in love with love. Do not romanticize potential; romanticize respect. As the dreamer, Pisces placements have visualization abilities. With a Venus in Pisces, you’re prone to glorify love, and when harnessed correctly, this is a form of manifestation. Ask yourself, what do you fantasize about? Be brutally honest. There is nothing wrong with idealizing love or sex (research shows that’s healthy to fantasize without censoring ourselves). As you audit your dreams, weave in ways to erotize equality. Once you break the cycle of dating below your worth, love will be your greatest strength. 


Venus is a delicious placement to understand in our birth chart, but don’t be fooled, she isn’t the only placement influencing your love life. While Venus shows us how we fall in love, placements like Jupiter and the 7th house explain how we stay in love and handle relationships. As the goddess of beauty, Venus can be a shallow placement, just like falling in love is only the tip of the iceberg.

Learn from Venus but do not think of her as a strict ruler of your love life. She is a fluid seductress that can help you date with mindful integrity. Use her to understand your romantic needs and patterns, especially at the beginning of a relationship.


Nadège (she/they) is a sex scholar and astrologer who graduated from Berkeley. She is the founder of Pleasure Science, an erotic wellness brand that helps people feel healthy + empowered in their sexuality. On an average day, you’ll find Nadège in their home office, ginger hair in a power ponytail, as they use their nerd powers for good. Go to to learn more or follow Nadège on Medium, TikTok, and Instagram @pleasurescience.

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