Last Friday, June 20th. Chakrubs invited its LA community to engage in a night of indulging the senses and the spirit in honor of Vanessa Cuccia’s new book, Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure.

The late night event was hosted by NAVEL in their gorgeous gallery / event space in DTLA. The scene included vibey lighting, multiple rooms with interactive installations, open bar, and live music.

The night opened with an intimate Erotic Spirituality Master Class and sound bath with Vanessa Cuccia. As the night progressed into the party, over 300 attendees filtered in and out of the space.


It was in Los Angeles I first developed the idea for Chakrubs. It was on the stoop of my Korea Town apartment in 2012 that a friend of mine told me I should write a book to support the mission of the products. For the past six years I have been living back in New York where I’m originally from to make my California dreams a worldwide reality. On July 20th, I returned to LA to host “The Release” – A community engagement for indulging the senses and spirit in celebration of my book, “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure.” This was the second release party we had for the book, the first being at the Museum of Sex in NYC. There’s a quote in CHSP, one that when I read it over didn’t seem so extraordinary or anything, but as I reflect on these events it keeps coming to mind. “The most important aspect is how something makes you feel.” We threw a really special party – I feel no need to be coy about that – especially because I really can’t take the credit. It was entirely an ensemble production and expertly organized by Chakrubs Creative Director, Jenny Sotelo, who put it best when she said the event was “a physical manifestation of the Chakrubs ethos that exists in the digital space.” Those involved in putting on this evening each lent their talent, artistry and wisdom to come together seamlessly for an event that was undoubtedly “cool” – but was also heartfelt and sincere. This is what I always wanted from day one. I want people to feel and to feel safe to do so. The stage was set to feel in numerous ways. Feel expressed through dancing. Feel cared for through one-on-one readings. Feel seen through photos capturing your energy field colors. Feel nourished through wholesome food and drink. Feel supported through shadow work. Feel educated, feel inspired, feel relaxed. Feel excited. I want to say from the bottom of my heart “Thank You” to everyone who made the event possible, the Chakrubs team who has me more proud than I can express, and to everyone who came to play and share the experience with us. I am humbled by what we co-created. Thank you. I love you.

Vanessa Cuccia, founder & creator of Chakrubs

Chakrubs Pop-Up shop featuring: Chakrubs products, crystals from Sacred Fem, art by Natalie Krim

Live Performance by vox | DJ set by BAE BAE | DJ set by Maria Minerva

HaloAurographic photo booth | Portals by Kathryn Garcia

Shadowland :: Shadow worship lounge & IYNK elixir bar by Dark Matter Productions

Florals from Poppy Lavender Florals | Natural Feeling Healing Massages with Chakrubs and Natural Feeling Spa

Extra Sensory Perfume Bar by Brooke Haggström | Blind Portrait Tarot Readings by PJ Superior

Film Installation from Tree Femme Collective | Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations from Sherise Lee of The Radder

Small Bites by Sachi.la | Herbal Concotions & Cocktails from Sasha Fernandez | Photos by Aristotle Dreher

Special thank you to our drink sponsors: Boochcraft, Babe Rose, and The Lost Explorer

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