The Prism: Ancient History of Quartz to Inspire Modern Day Practices The Prism: Ancient History of Quartz to Inspire Modern Day Practices

The Prism: Ancient History of Quartz to Inspire Modern Day Practices

The Prism Chakrub is crafted entirely from clear quartz, what is recognized as a universal crystal and one that amplifies any energy or intention it is programmed with. It is the most commonly found crystal in the world and comprises the most diverse family in the mineral kingdom.

The mythical metropolises of Atlantis and Lemuria were thought to have used quartz crystals as a source of power in solar energy refraction and in building their kingdom’s impressive power and splendor. Legend has it that the misuse of quartz is what ultimately led to their civilization’s demise. This story highlights the adaptability of quartz, but should also serve as a caution to never use your Prism without getting clear about what you’re inviting in. Self-pleasure is used for all types of release, sometimes even when we’re angry or upset. Always be sure to meditate and get centered prior to using your Prism (or any Chakrub). If you still find yourself harboring negativity or ill will, make a conscious intention to understand those feelings so you can release them with ease.

Ancient astrologers believed the waxing phases of the moon to be the most opportune for scrying with quartz globes, due to the growing magnetism between the crystal and the moon. We now know people with vaginas to be intimately connected with the energies of the moon, with our menstrual cycles syncing to its phases. Consider creating a Chakrub ritual around the different phases of the moon or your menstrual cycle and see if that strengthens your connection to our lunar leader. You can also scry with your Prism Chakrub like a crystal ball. Gaze into it while meditating and then journal the messages you receive.

Indigenous Cherokee tribes believed quartz crystals could aid in hunting and divining, and regularly presented them with offerings as gratitude, sometimes “feeding” them by rubbing the crystals over the blood of their game. We can draw inspiration from this ritual by adorning our altars with our Chakrubs and providing offerings such as fresh rose petals, herbs, coins, or dollars.

The prismatic ability of quartz allows it to resonate with all of the chakras, but it especially particularly useful for stimulating the crown chakra. The crown chakra rules higher planes of consciousness and connects us to universal source energy. When our crown is in balance, we can feel confident knowing that the rest of our chakra system is aligned. Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians intuited these qualities through quartz crystals, and provided them to help ease the deceased’s journey into the afterlife. Pharaohs wore cylinders filled with quartz to balance the Ba and Ka aspects of the soul. Those who consider themselves spiritual healers or empaths should try using the Prism when navigating other realms or when energy feels out of balance.

Quartz is a malleable crystal, so don’t feel tethered to these ancient uses. The beauty of our relationship to crystals it that it continues to evolve. Let us know what inspiration you draw from these practices and how you tailor them to fit your needs.

To continue your study of crystals and their ancient uses, we recommend:

The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals by Florence Megemont

The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

The Curious Lore of Precious Gemstones by George Kunz

Feature Image by Taylor Johnson

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