Scrying with Chakrubs Scrying with Chakrubs

Scrying with Chakrubs

When we yearn for connection, seek solace from heartache, or wish for a clearer understanding of ourselves and our relationships, Chakrubs are there to lend their support. As we venture together into this ritual, you will uncover the ancient practice of scrying. Gazing into the heart of your Chakrub, you will catch glimpses of the unknown. This practice is particularly potent during a new or full moon, or when Venus - the beacon of love - graces our sky.

What is Scrying?

Scrying is an ancient practice of divination, seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown through supernatural means. Traditionally, one gazes into a reflective surface, such as water, mirrors, or crystals, to receive symbolic messages or visions.

A Brief History of Scrying

Scrying has roots in numerous cultures worldwide, dating back thousands of years. Aztec priests utilized obsidian mirrors, Celtic Druids gazed into dark water, and even Nostradamus used a bowl of water. These varied practices demonstrate scrying's rich history and universal appeal.

Introducing Chakrubs

Chakrubs are crystal tools designed for pleasure, healing, and spiritual exploration. Harnessing the energy-holding and transmitting properties of crystals, Chakrubs provide an innovative medium for scrying. Combining the energy of self-love with the introspective power of scrying results in a profound spiritual practice.

Choosing Your Chakrub for Scrying

Selection of a Chakrub for scrying should align with the question guiding your practice. Trust your intuition. If love is the theme of your query, consider choosing The Heart, made from rose quartz. If clarity is what you seek, The Prism, made from clear quartz, may be your tool of choice.

Preparing Your Chakrub

Before starting, cleanse your Chakrub of any previous energy. This can be done using sound vibration, running water, or envisioning a purifying white light going through it. Feel free to employ any energetically cleansing practice you prefer. This preparation ensures that your Chakrub is fully attuned to your unique energy.

Self-Love Practice with Chakrub

Start your self-love practice by holding your Chakrub and asking your guiding question. As you connect with your Chakrub, be mindful of your breath, sensations, and the energy flow within you. Reiterate your question at the peak of pleasure, focusing your intent.

Scrying with Chakrub

Following your self-love practice, initiate the process of scrying. Hold the Chakrub and gently gaze into its surface. Allow your gaze to soften and your mind to open to any images or feelings that surface. Remember, this process involves seeing with your inner eye, not just your physical sight.

Interpreting Your Visions

Interpretation plays a vital role in scrying. The visions or feelings that emerge during this process are often symbolic and deeply personal. Meditate on these messages, considering their significance to you. Journaling about your experiences can further enhance your understanding of the insights you've received.

Closing Thoughts

Scrying with Chakrubs is a unique blend of self-love and spiritual insight. It offers a deeply personal journey and an enriching avenue to explore your intuition and inner wisdom. Regardless of your experience level, Chakrubs serve as potent tools for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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photo by Anita Acman

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